Catalog Rights

By "Catalog Rights", we are talking about the list of classes you must complete to get your degree.  This list varies by year, because our departments are making changes to their programs all the time.  In other words, the requirements for someone in your degree program that is under a different catalog year might be a little different than yours.  

All SJSU students have the right to claim the following Catalog Years:
  1. At the time they began continuous enrollment at a California Community College or other CSU campus
  2. at the time they entered SJSU
  3. at the time they graduate from SJSU
If you want to know what Catalog Year the university currently thinks you are following, please log into your Academic Requirements page and look at the box in the upper left corner.

If you want to see the list of courses in the most current catalog, find the department here:, and then navigate to your degree program.

If you want to see the list of courses in a prior catalog year, start here:

OK - now here is the stuff you need to know if you are a student in the College of Engineering.  All of our BS degree programs reduced to 120 units in Fall 2014.  If you entered SJSU before then, it might be to your advantage to switch to a catalog that is more recent because you might have fewer classes to complete.

"But how can I do that when I don't know what year I'm graduating yet?" might you ask.  Well, a little known loophole is that the associate dean and Registrar will let you switch to an intermediate catalog year if you fill out the Request to Update Catalog Rights form, on the Registrar's website.  

The one exception to this is CMPE Fall 2014 and SE Fall 2014.  The reason is that these two catalog years inadvertently did not satisfy the GE requirements for graduation.  (It was fixed in 2015)  Because it was our oversight, we will still let those who entered in that year to stay on it; however, I hope that you all understand that we can't let anyone else switch to it (and besides, intermediate catalog rights are not an official thing anyway).  But never fear, their Fall 2015 and beyond still have great 120-unit programs, and do meet all graduation requirements.

When you apply to graduate, you need to indicate that catalog year under which you are graduating on your major form, so that is another opp0rtunity to switch.