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If you have questions about Academic Advising in the College of Engineering, this document provides an overview of our resources, answers to some frequently asked questions, and guidance on what you should do and where you should go next.

The advising infrastructure in the College of Engineering is non-traditional in that it uses a combination of staff and faculty advisors working as a team.  There are faculty and staff advisors in the ESSC, and there are major advisors in the departments, each with specific roles.  

Generally speaking, the ESSC handles questions on academic policies, general education, university resources, and the lower division in our majors.  The ESSC advisor whom you see may be an instructor in your freshman year, a professional staff advisor, or a student peer mentor.  

The major advisors in the departments are faculty, and they generally handle the routine advising appointments to remove your advising hold every semester.  They handle questions on major requirements in the lower and upper division. They are particularly important as you enter the upper division and start thinking about careers and graduate school after your degree.  

There is some overlap between the ESSC and major advisors, and in some cases you will be required to consult with multiple advisors.  

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