The Child Welfare Partnership for Research and Training (CW-PART) is a collaborative project between the San Jose State University School of Social Work and local county child welfare agencies designed to strengthen local capacity for practice-based research and use of research to inform program development.  Whether partnered research projects are affiliated with funded projects or are coordinated as smaller pilot research projects, core elements of the model are as follows:

  • Research teams of students working under the supervision of faculty focus on research questions defined as priorities by county partner agencies.
  • The team model creates a situated learning environment for students in which teams conduct applied research on issues that are of immediate relevance to the county or partnered agencies.
  • Students satisfy course requirements for their capstone MSW research project, concurrently providing summaries of research findings that may be used to inform local planning, policy or practice.

For Students and Partners

Self-guided learning modules are designed to prepare students and interested partners for effective partnered research on the Training page.

For Counties and Universities interested in replication

Community-University partnerships seeking materials that may be adapted or adopted to other contexts may visit the Replication page.

For All

Information about research projects conducted as part of the CW-PART can be found under the Research Projects page.

Links to sites focused on evidence-based practice and collaborative research may be found on the Resource Links page.

For video playlists highlighting additional topics and subjects of interest, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Selected Presentations and Publications

Child Welfare Partnership for Research and Training Webinar
Presented as part the Research Training Network
Date: July 24, 2014 Presenter: Laurie Drabble, Ph.D

Archived recording (1 hr 24 min): https://vimeo.com/101666869 (currently inactive)

SJSU Scholar Works
Repository for the School of Social Work, pre-publication version of a 2013 article about the early implementation of the CW-PART:  http://works.bepress.com/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1103&context=laurie_drabble

Youtube video (2 min.)
MSW(Master of Social Work) students describing their experience as part of a partnered research team: