Please use this web page to find and update parent permission and other family forms. By using this web site, you are helping the school save time and money. Clerical time, paper and ink costs are all avoided.

Please be sure to complete all forms, as they are all necessary, and in some cases, legally required. The only exception is the HomeWork Club form, which is open only for grades 5-8. The school office will follow
up with you if any forms are incomplete or missing.

IMPORTANT:   Please be sure to press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of each form.  If the SUBMIT button is not pressed, the information you provided is not submitted to the database.

For questions, please call the school office at (603) 893-6811 or email mainoffice@sjrcs.com.

Thank you again for using these online forms.

All parents, please complete the Volunteer Sign Up form.
All parents, please complete the Parent/Teacher Communication form.
All parents, please complete the Handbook Acknowledge and Agreement form.
Parents  of student(s) in Grade 5 through 8, please complete the HomeWork Club form.