Mrs. Armacost's Back to School Expectations for the art room 2018/2019

All students should enter the room in a quiet and orderly manner.  Those students with books or supplies should place them down in a responsible manner.

All students should sit down in assigned seats silently and ready for that day's directions.

All students need to respect the art room and all supplies used.

All students need to respect fellow students with personal work space and comments.

All students need to attempt each project with the best of their ability.

All students need to be mindful of their time to complete projects and not waste time.

All students using paint or other messy materials need to wear a protective shirt (old T shirts are supplied).

All students need to work with an appropriate noise level.  If a student is not working or talking at the appropriate level, he/she will need to work silently for the remainder of that class.

All the 8th grade students are to have a sketchbook to complete assigned sketches by a given due date.  Sketches should take around 20 minutes for each individual drawing.

I look forward to this year and hope my students do also.  I will do my best to introduce the students to a variety of materials and art methods as possible.  My goal is to expose the students to famous artists and to help develop an appreciation for art and the art world.  I welcome feedback, questions, or concerns.  I can be reached through my school e-mail (larmacost@sjpray.org).  I will also post any needed information on my teacher web page or my google classroom sites throughout the year.

Best wishes,

Mrs Liz Armacost
Art Teacher