Welcome to 2018-19 SJS Pre-k Class

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!  
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy new year in PK!  
Jan. 2-4, 2019

Since it's such a short week, we will have fun with reviewing and getting back to our regular schedule.  The first few days will be a little rough for all but we will work hard. We will discuss why the year changes and how we celebrate New Years.  We will learn to count down from 10, make confetti, learn about resolutions.  We will make some resolutions for ourselves related to school.  

We will learn about the Magi and how they brought gifts to Baby Jesus.  We will talk about how we can honor Jesus like the Magi did.  

Wednesday:  Art
Thursday;  Music


Happy Second week of Advent.  We enjoyed a wonderful prayer service with the rest of the school this morning.  We have been talking about how we are getting ready for Jesus. We have listened to the story of the angel meeting Mary and talking about her promise to God.  We have been practicing our songs for the special Christmas program.
This week we will focus on the letter G and its sound.  We will read the Gingerbread Man and sequence the events of the story.  We will read another version of the story and compare the two stories likenesses and differences.  We will identify characters, settings and problems in the stories.  

This week we will have fun learning about making cookies and building gingerbread houses.  We will learn a poem about gingerbread kids and talk about how the gingerbread kids disappear and begin to understand subtraction.  We will compare different gingerbread men.  We will measure gingerbread men with cubes.  It will be a very busy week in our room.

Just a few reminders:
1.  Please remember to dress your child for the cold weather.  We try to go outside everyday, so don't forget hats and gloves for the outdoors.  White undershirts are allowed under the yellow PE shirt along with the blue sweatshirt. 
2.  A water bottle is needed each day.
3.  Per the handbook, no tattoos or nail polish are allowed.  Girls paint your toenails!!
4. If your child needs chapstick, please label with their name and place in the white tote bag.  We do have vaseline in our first aid kit that we can apply with a qtip if your child's lips are chapped.

Events of the week:
Tuesday:  PE, hamburger lunch
Wednesday:  Art
Thursday:  Gingerbread house building!!
                Mr. Bob visits and Music
Friday:  Jingle Bell shop

This week in Pre-K            October 14-19

Happy Fall!  It looks and feels like Autumn is here.  There are pumpkins, scarecrows, and colorful leaves everywhere.  We are looking forward to a fun week of learning about Fall.  We will highlight the different signs of Fall that we can see around us.  We will go on a nature walk and talk about the signs we can see on our school campus.  We will read a book that shows us the different colors, shapes and sizes of leaves.  We will focus on the letter L and its sound.  We will begin to talk about syllables in words. We will clap our hands and count the number of syllables in words.  We will also be introduced to positional words, such as over, under, on, next to, in front of.  We will learn to demonstrate these words with leaves.

In Math we will focus on sorting and comparing fall items.  We will talk about how leaves are the same and different.  Each child will need to bring a leaf to school on THURSDAY as we will do a comparison and graph the leaves by their attributes.  We will continue to practice number recognition 1-6 as we play a counting game.

We will continue to talk about the story of creation and how God made everything good.  We will work in small cooperative groups to make creation posters.  We will learn the sequence of the events that God made the first week of world. We will practice reciting the Our Father.  

We hope to learn what causes the leaves to change colors and to recognize the differences in the leaves on various trees.  We will talk about how the weather is affected by the new season of Fall.  While walking around your neighborhood or driving down the road, look for various signs of fall as well as the weather changes for the season.

Monday:  regular day
Tuesday:  Pizza Tuesday for those that ordered
Wednesday:  School Spirit day - wear a shirt with SJS 
Thursday:  Bring a leaf to school 🍁🍁🍂
Friday:  No school for students-PD day for teachers

This week in Pre-k                                            Oct. 1-5      




Welcome Fall!  As the weather begins to change, we will begin to discuss Fall and the more signs of it.  We will learn about how the weather changes, what happens to the leaves and much, much more.  The week we will also be discussing our family and learning a little more about one another.  We will focus on the letter M and its sound.  We will read stories about our families.  We will read IF you Give a Moose a Muffin.  We will talk about the job of an author and illustrator.  We will learn how the pictures in books help to guide our understanding about what is happening in the stories. We will continue to work on rhyming words.

In Math we will begin to practice number recognition 1-10.  We will learn to recognize number frames 1-5.  We will practice our basic shapes and colors.  We will discuss how things are alike and different.

In Religion, we will listen the story Jesus welcomes the children.  We will learn that we are are special children of God's.  We will talk about how to treat one another with love.

This week will be full of fun and learning!  Happy Fall!!🍁🍂🍁

Tuesday:  PE and pizza Tuesday
Wednesday:  Art
Thursday:  Music
                PBJ collection if you would like to donate cheese/PBJ sandwiches for the poor the middle school students will collect them in the mornings at drop off.   

This week in Pre-k                                           Sept. 17-21

Hello Parents;
We are excited to start another week of Pre-K!  We are hoping to have a little more sunshine this week,so we can get outside to enjoy the kick off to Fall.  This week we will continue to practice the routines of our class.  Everyone is adjusting well to our room, rules and responsibilities.  
For our literacy skills, We will be introduced to our first letter - F.  We will learn to recognize Ff and its sound.  We will practice the letter formation and go on a letter hunt around our room and the school.  We will begin to talk about rhyming words.  We will read books about Franklin, Froggy and Alphabet under Construction.  

In Math we will talk about the attributes of color and shape in various objects.  We will identify circle and squares.  We will read several books about shapes and colors.  

For Religion we will learn that all of us are friends of Jesus.  We will talk about how to treat our friends by being kind and mannerly to one another.  
We will begin to talk about the season of Fall and discuss how our environment will be changing.  This will be an on-going topic.  

On the calendar for this week is:
Tuesday:  PE and pizza Tuesday
Wednesday:  Vision and Hearing testing - all Prek will be included
Thursday:  Music
Friday:  12pm dismissal for all students

 I would like to welcome everyone to our class.  We are so excited to have met all our new friends this week as we will learn and grow together as a big family of God.   

 Just a quick note that tomorrow, Sept. 11th will be picture day.  

Don't forget to join us Wednesday night for Back To School Night at 6pm.   
We hope you can make it!!


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