Welcome to 2019-20 SJS Pre-k Class

Now that we have had a full week under our belts, the kids are slowly getting back to our classroom routines.  This will be another long week but we should have fun talking about community helpers.  We will talk about their jobs and the equipment they use.  We will learn about the letter B and its sound.  This month we will focus on how to build sentences with words and the importance of letters to form those words. We will practice pointing to the words as we learn to read words together.  We will continue to talk about the season of Winter. 

We will focus on number sense as we review shapes and patterning.  We will learn to build snowflakes with pattern blocks and other surprise materials.  We need to practice proper number formation.  We will use dry erase markers but a fun way to practice at home is with pudding in a ziplock bag, sand, shaving cream and sand. 

This week in Religion we will discuss how we can take care of God's creations. We will learn about the things God created and how he created them for us.  He says "It is good!" He gave us the special job of helping to care for his creation.  We also need to care for ourselves, our families and one another.  

Tuesday:  Pe
Wednesday:  Music
Friday: Art
                     🎉Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!🎉

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!  Now its back to the routine of school, thankfully its a short week.  We will have an easy two days, getting back to our schedules, perfect for the little ones in our room.  We will review the rules and procedures of our class and have fun learning about the new year 2020!!  We will make confetti and count down to celebrate the new year.  We will make some resolutions and talk about things we will work on for the rest of the school year.  

You may find a few tears today and tomorrow which are very normal, hopefully once the kids see their friends, they will be excited to learn about all the fun they had over the holidays.  We look forward to seeing the kids this morning!!

❄⛄🌨   As we get ready for some wintry weather, remember to send in warm coats, hats and gloves or mittens for outdoor play.  Encourage your child to learn to zip their jackets and dress themselves for the winter weather.  

❄🌨🌨    Also if we have a 2 hour late arrival, we will not have snack, so one less things to pack on those days.  

As we begin the new year of the Church, we will learn about Advent as we light the first candle Monday morning in the courtyard.  We will talk about how we will count the Sundays until Jesus' birth.  We will talk about ways to help others throughout the season of Advent..  We will have a special visitor this week whom will watch over us during Advent.

We will learn about the letter C and its sound as well begin to talk about Christmas.  We will practice rhyming words and counting syllables in words related to Christmas.  We will read a story about candy canes, christmas trees and a mouse who wants a cookie.  

We will build trees with pattern blocks, make patterns on candy canes and practice different ways to show numbers.  We will begin to talk about adding and taking away numbers with cookies.  

For Science we will try to melt candy canes with different temperatures of water.  And maybe even make a candy cane fuzzle.  

 This week we will have:
Monday:  Advent prayer service in the courtyard at 8:15
Tuesday:  PE
Wednesday:  Music
Thursday:  Mr. Bob visits
Friday:  ARt

🍏🍎Happy Harvest Time!!🍎🍏
Fall is a time for harvesting some fruits and vegetables.  This week we will discover the growth of apples as we learn about the letter Aa and its sound.  We will use our senses to learn about apples. We will learn the different parts of an apple. We will talk about what we can make from apples.  We will practice rhyming words and begin to understand syllables. 

In Math we will practice number recognition and shape identification.  We will compare the attributes of apples the kids bring to school.  We will learn to make patterns with colored apples. And read the story Ten Apples Up on Top.  Can you balance an apple on your head?

We will continue to talk about being kind, like Jesus wants us to be towards our friends.  We  will talk about acts of kindness and practice with role playing.  We will be introduced to Saint Francis and his importance as we begin to celebrate All Saints day.  

This week is also 💝Red Ribbon Week.  We will talk about ways to keep our bodies healthy and only putting good things into our bodies.  The school nurse will visit us to talk about these options that are good for us. 

Tuesday:  PE
WEdnesday:  Music
Thursday:  Mr. Bob visits.
Friday: Red Ribbon Day - wear red to school- red shirt, red socks red ribbons in hair

🍁🍂Happy Fall! 🍁🍂

We are so excited to start discussing the season of Fall.  This week we will learn about how our environment is seeing changes.  We will talk about how the weather is beginning to change.  It's an exciting time.  We will learn about the letter S and its sound; last week we talked about letter F.  We will color a Fall book and discuss how when we read the pictures match the words.  We will begin to recognize rhyming words in poems and stories.

In Math we will continue to learn to recognize the four basic shapes.  We will learn to recognize the attributes and what makes the shapes special.  We will look around our classroom, outside and even at snack/lunch to find these shapes.  We will sort pictures of shapes into their categories.

We have learned that the Bible is God's book, and that we will read stories about Jesus from the Bible.  This week we read a story about Jesus making new friends.  Jesus says to them "Come Follow Me" something we will learn to do this year.  Just like we are all friends and want to follow Him and be kind to all our friends. 

This week we have a few fun activities:
Tuesday:  PE and PBIS assembly at the end of day
Wednesday:  Music
Thursday:  Mr. Bob visits- a storyteller from the BCPL
Friday:  Art and School Wide Buddy activity

If you haven't sent in money for picture orders, please so ASAP!  They are due!!
We are looking forward to a fun week in pre-k!!😋


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