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Scott is a qualified and experienced fitter for orthopaedic braces and supports.  Below is a small sample of what is available.


~ Ligament stabilizers 

~ Post-op and acute knees 

~ OA bracing 

~ Patellar tracking, jumper’s knee 

~ Compression sleeves


~ Acute compression and support 

~ Return to work / play bracing 

~ Walking boots, splints for sprains or fractures
Wrist / Thumb / Finger 

~ Carpal tunnel, night splinting 

~ Tendonitis, tenosynovitis 

~ Sprains, strains


~ Custom and off-the-shelf orthotics 

~ Plantar fasciitis splints & stockings
Elbow / Shoulder 

~ Functional elbow, shoulder bracing 

~ Tennis and golfer's elbow 

~ AC and GH wraps, supports and bracing
Back / Neck / Hip / S.I. / Groin / Thigh 

~ Maternity, back, S.I. supports 

~ Hip pointers 

~ Groin and thigh wraps and supports

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Having an experienced Certified Athletic Therapist assess your needs ensures that you get the most appropriate and effective product.

Rapid Return to Work and Play