Discovering the Wonders of our Watery World

Follow our course as we become responsible and respectful global citizens while developing 21st Century skills using digital technologies to research, collaborate and problem solve with local and global communities. We will capitalize on our partnership with the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs (FHL) Science Outreach Program to cultivate our technology skills by extending our science investigations with FHL beyond the limits of the classroom. We will use a variety of digital technologies and web-based resources to investigate, collaborate, communicate, and problem solve sustainable solutions to environmental issues. We plan to generate and moderate this classroom marine biology website that will feature our blogs, photo journals, audio/video podcasts, data charts, related links, and a calendar of events for videoconferencing opportunities. In addition, we will use document sharing technology such as Google Apps to network with the global community—by connecting to experts in the field we will become experts in the field. We will also be mentored by the high schools' marine biology class. Our more experienced school colleagues will advise and inspire us on the topics of science, technology, problem solving and the benefits of collaboration.