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The SJIMB is one of the earliest bands founded in Singapore, lending to its rich history and tradition as a longstanding Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in St Joseph’s Institution (SJI). SJIMB has evolved tremendously over the years, from starting out as a Corps of Drums comprising of bugles, fife and drums, to the current full band, complete with brass and woodwind instruments.
Through the years, the band has grown by leaps and bounds, whilst faithfully embracing qualities of strict discipline and dedication to training. The band educates its charges in music and inculcates in them values and ethics of being Josephian and Lasallian. This includes loyalty to their alma mater and the band; exemplifying the Lasallian core values of Faith, Service and Community and being men of integrity and men for others; being responsible and trustworthy; and being a community builder.

In addition, the band also maintains a high standard of musicianship and drills through constant practice. Hence, the band has also taken on more challenging music and evolved themselves to suit the demands of the present. Under their current music director, Mr Darence Leng, the band achieved a Certificate of Distinction at the SYF Arts Presentation in 2013.