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SYF Awards 2007 to present

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) judging for the Guitar Enmemble is a biennial event which invites Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges all over Singapore to participate and showcase their aesthetic talents. Distinguished judges are present during the event to critique the performance, and hence award the performing group accordingly.

Up till 2011, the awards given at the SYF have been Bronze, Silver and Gold, in order of merit.

From 2013 onwards, the respective classifications have been changed to Commendation, Accomplishment and Distinction, in order of merit.

Achievements for SJI Guitar Ensemble

2019 - ?

2017 - Distinction, be humble and continue to learn

2015 - Distinction, Very well done!

2013 - Distinction, Well done boys!

2011 - Gold Award

2009 - Silver Award

2007 - Silver Award