Saint Joseph's College is Going Google for Education!

Google Apps for Education

The Top Ten Reasons SJC is Going Google!
  1. Access: Consistent user experience on any device with any Web browser – whether you use a Windows computer or a Mac
  2. Easy & Integrated: Easy, intuitive, highly integrated collaboration platform – often described as more of an “ecosystem” than a platform
  3. Familiar: Students enter College having grown up as Google natives
  4. Widely Used: As of February 2015, over 41 Million users of Google Apps for Education; projected to be 110 Million by 2020. Click here for reference
  5. Secure: Secure, cloud-based, 99.99% uptime
  6. Recognized by Faculty: Saint Joseph’s Faculty already use the collaboration of Google outside of our existing email & calendar platform
  7. Built for Education: Native LMS functionality (Google Classroom) built into the platform
  8. No Spam: The best spam filtering in the world – built-in
  9. Intuitive: Google Apps’ focus is on ease-of-use over complexity and feature-bloat
  10. Cost-EffectiveGoogle Apps for Education is free.  In addition to no licensing costs, there is powerful functionality built into Google that eliminates the need for redundant systems we have now, like spam filtering & archiving.  We estimate the net savings in hardware and software in the first year alone to be more than $70,000!
SJC is Going Google!

Coming soon to a browser near you!


Faculty and Staff go live on December 21st

Students go live on January 9th

Stay tuned for more spam... err... details!

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Tips, FAQs, and other support all available when you need it <link>!