The purpose of this web site is to help districts in St. Joseph County build their TechReadi capacity in implementing next-generation online assessments and "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace" learning.

By spring 2015 an online testing system will assess students on their knowledge of State Curriculum Standards. To prepare for this online test, districts will design a learning environment where teachers and students are able to integrate technology on a daily basis.  

Tech Readiness
Because the SJCSchools Information Services provides technology services to all districts in the county, leveraging the consortium’s OneNetwork will be a key factor in bringing this initiative to successful completion. It is helpful to consider the technology requirements of the State Curriculum Standards and the next generation of online assessments when prioritizing both district and consortium implementations.

Teacher Readiness
The SJCISD Instructional Leadership department will collaborate with districts to determine the teacher skills and professional development needed to ensure educators are prepared to implement
next-generation online assessments and "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace" learning.  

Inspiration for this work comes from the following sources:

Curriculum Standards

Teacher Readiness

Data Readiness

School Improvement

County-level discussions related to this topic are ongoing in the following groups:
*Mobile Device Management (MDM) Group
*Instructional Technology Vision PLC
*Standards-based Grading in PowerSchool Group