This site houses over 400 Mathematics assessments using the Common Core State Mathematics Standards as targets.  Every Common Core State Mathematics Standard from Kindergarten through Algebra II has an assessment written.  Some assessments have a combined set of standards included and others assessments are a portion of a standard.  These assessments have been vetted and edited. 

Each assessment has a corresponding Excel spreadsheet for data collection purposes that can be used in a Professional Learning Community setting.


These assessments were created for teachers to use as summative, as formative, as homework, as practice, as group work, or in any other way to assess a student’s knowledge of a specific Common Core State Standard.  They are designed to be flexible.

These assessments have been housed as Word documents so additional versions can be created.  Please use each assessment in its entirety.  Each may be broken into smaller chunks and given over time.  But, to state a student is proficient in a specific standard, the entire assessment must be given.

The documents housed on this site are our interpretations of each standard based on our knowledge at the time of the assessment writing.  Different individuals will have different interpretations of standards and assessments.  

This is a great place to begin the conversation!

This project is not affiliated with the Common Core State Standards Initiative or any group associated with it.