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Walking humbly 
with God

At San Jose Christian
 each individual student is nurtured by our intentional Christian community. Well-qualified and credentialed teachers offer each and every student an outstanding and well-balanced education based on a curriculum infused with Biblical principles. 

All students can learn and improve. 
That applies to academics as well as music and sport. At San Jose Christian teachers and coaches teach and lead with a growth mindset---in effect telling each student, "You are a developing person, and I am committed to your development".1 

In addition to the expected high academic standards, students are given a lot of food for thought on the spiritual and affective levels. For example, the 7th graders start the year with an overnight Spiritual Retreat in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains during which they learn more of their true identity as beloved children of God.

 The mantra of our Middle School's popular 1-1 
 laptop initiative is "Teach, Not Ban" -- students
  are encouraged to embrace technology for its 
 positive potential in helping us acquire skills in
   research, collaboration, communication, and
 creativity, while becoming wise and discerning
     digital citizens. In fact, we would like our
                students to go out, engage, 
         and transform culture for God's glory. 

By God's grace and with His help, we will do justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with Him into the future.

1. Dweck, Carol S.  Mindset.   New York: Ballantine Books, 2016.