God has uniquely knit together every individual (fearfully and wonderfully made-Psalm 139). San Jose Christian School commits to offering the best education possible for their students.  The Learning Center program provides a variety of assistance to teachers, parents, and students in grades JK-8th. 

San Jose Christian School Mission Statement

The mission of SJCS is to advance the kingdom of God by providing exceptional teaching and curriculum fully integrated with Biblical perspective. Within our committed Christian community, we live to engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ


  • Importance of Brain Breaks
    Have you ever caught yourself sitting at your computer or desk for hours? I know I do. I get hyper-focused on what I am doing and forget to move--job security for my chiropractor (sigh). We do a variety of brain breaks throughout the day in the Learning Center. I love it when the students advocate for themselves and ask for a brain break. Not only do brain breaks need to happen during the school day, they need to happen during homework time. I encourage you to schedule them into your child's homework routine. There is a link below that provides some great suggestions for brain breaks. 

    Posted Oct 11, 2018, 3:10 PM by Arlet Veurink
  • What is the Learning Center?

    God has uniquely knit together every individual (fearfully and wonderfully made-Psalm 139). San Jose Christian School commits to offering the best education possible for their students.  The Learning Center program provides a variety of assistance to teachers, parents, and students in grades JK-8th.

    Primarily, the Learning Center program provides instruction and support for students in grades 1–5 who are experiencing difficulty in phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, reading, comprehension, and written expression. Curriculum and methods of instruction are Orton-Gillingham based and provide a systematic and multi-sensory approach to learning. This pull-out program provides 40–90 minutes of instruction per day. There is an additional tuition fee for this program.

    In addition, the Learning Center provides support for all teachers and parents in better understanding the learning styles of children by offering classroom observations and parent conferences, recommends tools, strategies, and accommodations for the classroom and home, provides recommendations for outside resources, and completes basic evaluations in the areas of phonological processing, achievement, and oral language. There is an additional cost for evaluations.

    Our Middle School Student Advocate provides basic support for students who have academic difficulties. Support is provided through parent/teacher/student conferences, creating accommodation plans and overseeing the implementation of those accommodations.

    If you would like additional information about the Learning Center or have any concerns regarding your child's academic, social, emotional, or behavioral milestones, please contact the Learning Center Director.

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  • Understanding Your Child
    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to learn the way your child learns? Have you been frustrated with your child and just can't understand why something is so hard for him/her? These are questions I struggled with at times, even after 20+ years of teaching. I need reminders of what it is like to 'be my students'.

    October's professional development time was provided by the Learning Center teachers. We focused on several areas: characteristics of reading comprehension difficulties, empathy training, and best practices for students who have learning difficulties. A major portion of our time was spent having teachers experience what it is like to be a student with a learning difficulty. Teachers were able to choose from Reading, Math, Writing, Attention, and Organization. You can experience these simulations yourself by clicking on this link. Simulation--Through Your Child's Eyes (Scroll about 1/3 of the way down the page to see the simulation options.)

    Teachers were then asked to discuss these questions: 
    • How did you feel when completing the simulation?

    • How can you change your teaching to help a child with this difficulty?

    • How can you change the atmosphere in your classroom to make learning more accessible for all students?

    I encourage you to do the same thing. Experience the simulations, discuss how you felt, and what changes could you make at home to help your child. 

    Another great video is Visual Dyslexia Explained . It shows a variety of difficulties a child may experience with dyslexia, a very common reading difficulty.

    If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact Ms. Veurink or Mrs. Nibbelink.
    Posted Nov 7, 2017, 3:50 PM by Arlet Veurink
  • The Power of Yet


    By Heidi Harrell


    There are so many things you want to know,

    So many ways you want to grow,

    There are so many things you want to be,

    So many milestones you want to see.


    You will get there if you never forget

    The superpower of the word YET!


    When you first tried to talk, you were hard to understand,

    When you first tried to eat, you needed a hand.

    When you first tried to walk, you fell and fell,

    When you first tried to run, it didn’t go well.


    But your baby self knew something we often forget

    The superpower of the word YET!


    Somehow you knew that if you kept trying

    Your chances of success would keep multiplying.

    The same is true with every risk that you take,

    You just have to learn from every mistake.


    Where you put your effort, the goal will be met

    As long as you remember the superpower of YET!

    Posted Aug 19, 2017, 11:18 PM by Arlet Veurink
  • Speak Life
    What does Speak Life mean in the Learning Center? When I look at all the monthly themes, I think, "Wow! I get to do this all day--every day--with my students!" The Learning Center is so much more than just teaching skills in the areas of language arts. We do life together! I love that about my job. I love my small groups and working alongside some of my students for numerous years. I am blessed by being able to build authentic relationships with them that continue to grow with each year, with each struggle, and with each success. I'm excited about how God will use Speak Life in the teaching, learning, and living out life in the Learning Center this year. 

    The monthly themes are: Speak Truth, Speak Hope, Speak Shalom, Speak Reconciliation, Speak Wisdom, Speak Encouragement, Speak Living Water, and Speak God's Praises. As we go through each month, check back here to read how each month's theme is lived out daily in the Learning Center. 

    Before knowing the monthly themes this is what I created (modified from Pintrest) to have on display in my classroom this year. I love seeing how God makes things come together so beautifully.

    Posted Aug 10, 2016, 2:22 PM by Arlet Veurink
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