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Create Your Own

Objective: You will create your own folktale picture book or short video. Remember the elements of short story and folk tales. You want to create something that is both visually appealing and a story worth telling. Please keep it rated G (like a Disney movie).

Step 1: Brainstorm story map. - 10 homework Points

Step 2: Create a storyboard in Google Presentations. - 20 Writing Points
  • Record what clips you'll need to make
  • Write a script for each shot in the notes section of the slide. 
Step 3: Gather footage.

Step 4: Record VoiceOver/Add text. 

Step 5: Edit/Compile
  • Video: create one fluid product
  • Book: Bind together
Step 6: Share final product. - 25 Project points.

If you finish early.... 
  • Create a movie poster or book advertisement.

Award Categories

When we're done with our creation, we will have a presentation day - think of it like a film festival with picture books! 

We'll have awards in the following categories (taken from NCED).
In general, judges will consider the following elements:
1.Originality – uniqueness ofthe work
2. Technical merit – assesses lighting,sound quality, image quality
3. Execution – overall quality of components, including, but not limited to, acting, use of props and
setting, where applicable
4. Audience appeal – how well the work engages the audience

Best Picture (or Best Story)
All of the elements of the film bring a powerful emotional impact that convincingly conveys the message of the film and leaves a lasting impression.

Best Cinematography
The overall visual impact of the film: lighting, composition, photography/videography and framing of the film contribute to an overall dramatic effect that sends a compelling message.

Best Sound
The choice of music and sound effects,sound levels, and sound elements (music choice, sound effects, voiceover, dialogue, and mixing) help convey the message of the film.

Best Original Story
The content of the film demonstrates original thinking or a unique presentation of a concept or idea.

Best Performance
The actor(s) remain in character, are believable and overall play their role(s).

Best Props & Set Design (or Best Artwork)
Authentic props are utilized and the setting is appropriate for the content of the film.

Best Teamwork
The team did a great job of working together to create an amazing final product.

*Awards may not be given in each category depending on the number and quality of the submissions. In addition, extra awards may be given.

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Sep 18, 2013, 10:05 AM