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1.  Social Studies worksheet - Then and Now
2.  Word Sort "Short o, long o"


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Sadly, five students did not turn in their math homework last night.  Please help your student to turn in their nightly homework.  Thank you!


Math 6-5
Learn about Earth and A Hobby worksheet

Week of February 2-6

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Hello!  We have been so busy in first grade.  We have been learning the difference between man-made and natural materials in science.  We have been subtracting in math. (Isn't common core fun :)  In Language, we are learning about how to answer questions from the text (more common core).  In religion, we are learning about marriage and how our family is like God's family.   The children have grown so much in only a month.  Woo Hoo!!

Monday - Reading Packet,  "What Can You Put in It?"
Spelling work
Math - Lesson 6.4

Thursday Homework

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1.  Math Worksheet
2.  Study for spelling test
3.  The children will have a reading comprehension test tomorrow on pages 250 - 252.  They will be asked to find facts from this informational text on elephants.  Please read these pages with them and ask them questions about what they are reading and have them find the answers.  They do not need to turn anything in, just review the information with them :)  PLEASE return their book tomorrow as they will need it for their test.

We are on a roll with turning in our homework!  Bravo parents and students!  


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1.  Math  Lesson 6.2
2.  Mathletics 30 minutes

Tuesday Homework

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1.  Math 6.1
2.  Sequencing worksheet - "How to clean your dog"
3. Mathletics 15 minutes

Week of Feb. 23-27

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Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful break - I know I did :)


Monday - "Family Tree" - Students can draw or write the names of their relatives on the family tree.
"Shake Pudding" packet due Friday
Spelling packet due Friday
Mathletics - 15 minutes please.  

Rice bowls are coming home today.  Please see the letter from Sr. Divine regarding them.  


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You will have a piece of writing paper coming home tonight.  On the paper, you will write about what we did today to  celebrate Chinese New Year.  Tell what you did!  What did we make?  Also, remember we talked about what this lunar New Year celebrates?  What is this the year of?  What sign were you born under?  Tell me :)

Finish Spelling Packet
Finish Reading Comprehension Packet

Study for Spelling test :)

For our Valentine Celebration tomorrow, bring in your Valentine cards and a beach towel.  (we will use the towels to lay on for our Valentine movie, the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.)  

Free dress tomorrow - pink or red for Valentine's Day!


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"My Lent Book"  Draw and Write to complete the packet
Math - Go on to Mathletics for 15 minutes
Reading - Go on to RAZ kids for 15 minutes

Math-a-thon tests will be coming home today.  The children did their best, so if you can, please be generous :)

Friday is pink or red free dress.  


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Math worksheet - We will be moving into subtraction after our winter break.  Please start practicing subtraction facts with your child at home :)

Spelling packet and Reading Comprehension Packet (Continue working on those, please)

MMM!  We started our day off the right way by tasting some Hershey kisses then writing some adjectives to describe them!  We then created our own Hershey kisses and wrote our adjectives on them.  Please check out our bulletin board in the hall if you have time :*

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