Homework Assignments

Holy Week - March 30 - April 2

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Homework - 
Math 8-5, 8-6 (corrected pages that we have worked on in class will be coming home today so you can review the areas your child has difficulty with - there will be a test on Wednesday that covers this material)

Social Studies Connection worksheet

No spelling words

Please return your child's signed report card, thank you!

The first grade class, in addition to the K class and third grade, will be participating in the prayer service on Thursday at 10:30 in the church.   Please join us.

Rice bowls are due now.  Please roll the coins or make a check out to SJBS.  Thank you.

As we begin this Holy Week, the children will be learning about Christ's journey and how he kept his promise to us.  God bless all our families.  


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NO HOMEWORK :) No tests tomorrow!  See you at the Spring Sing :)

Holy Guacamole!

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Sorry about the mistake on the math pages!  Did I get an earful from the kids!  We are on Unit 8 so if it happens again (which I hope it won't) assume its unit 8.  

Math (here we go) 8-4
Science worksheets
Mathletics 1/2 hour

See you tomorrow night at 6:30 in the classroom for the Spring Sing :)


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Science - Read pgs. 98 - 101 and complete worksheet in homework folder.
Math 7-2, 7-3 (We are picking up the pace)

Don't forget to turn in signed report cards!

The Student Council here at St. John's are collecting toothpaste for the Sisters of Charity from our class.  If you can spare some, please send it soon.  Thank you!

Week of March 23-27

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Thank you to all who sent erasers with their children.  We sure needed those!  As you know, Spring Sing is on Thursday.  Please have your child to our classroom by 6:30.  

Handwriting book pages. 62-65   Return your book tomorrow.  
Spelling packet.
Math 8-1 - We have started a new unit on tens and ones :)


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Science - Chapter 3, Lesson 3 check worksheet.  Your student has brought their book home.  Please go over pgs. 91 to find the answer to this worksheet.  

Math test tomorrow - The practice sheet is in their backpack.  Please go over this with your child.

Practice for your spelling test.  


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Well, the leprechaun has left our classroom, but not before leaving us a sweet gold coin.  Our classroom still smelled like corned beef and cabbage today.  Thank you to all who sent goodies, especially Mrs. Govil, who came at a moments notice to help us. Thanks again!

1.  Four Frog Friends worksheet - this worksheet is about following directions.
2.  Math 7-6
3.  Mathletics 1/2 hour

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Tuesday homework:

1.  How to Catch a Leprechaun worksheet.  
2.  Math Lesson 7.5

Boy, did we have a mess in our class from that naughty leprechaun!  We designed traps to catch him but he still got away!  Thank you to everyone who helped make our day a fun one with the treats they provided.  

Week of March 16-20

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Monday - Another project!  Hang on!  In social studies we are learning about how things have changed over time.  Your child will be bringing home a large sheet of construction paper with two pieces attached to each side.  (this will be the inside of their album)  Please have them draw two different pictures of themselves in the 1900's - checking the internet would help out here.  So one picture will be a self portrait of them in the 1900's showing them in the clothes they might wear, and the second picture would be them playing a game or in school at that time.  We have done a lot of talking about this so they should remember some of the things we spoke about.  They can decorate the front anyway they like.  This is due on Friday :)

Spelling as usual
Math 7-4  

Thursday Homework

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1.  Complete Science packet
2.  Study for spelling test
3.  1/2 hour of Mathletics

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