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Math Lessons 10-4
"Snakes Alive" worksheet

Today we made Venn diagrams to contrast and compare humans and monkeys.  We had a lot of great ideas after seeing our movie.  

Thank you to Mrs. Govil for helping in our classroom today!

Our final field trip will be on Friday, May 15 to Gilroy Gardens.  We will need to be at school early (7:45 a.m.) because we will leave here at 8:00 a.m.  We will return at 3:00.  This will be an educational field trip and therefore each child will be charged $20 which will include lunch.  Sorry, season passes cannot be used.  The chaperone fee is $5.  Permission slips will come home soon.  I will only be able to take 7 adults, so if you would like to join us, please return your permission slip as soon as you can after it comes home.  More fun and learning for us!!


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Thank you to all the parents, aunts and uncles who accompanied us on our field trip.  We had a great time!  

No homework today - a continuation of our fun day :)


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Writing - On the paper provided, tell me using sentences what an endangered species is.  (We discussed this in class) Write one example of an endangered species.

Math - 10-3

Field Trip Tomorrow!   

Week of April 20-24

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A new week and our field trip is just two days away.  If you are joining us, please be at the classroom at 8:45 at the latest.  Thank you!

Monday homework-

"The Campfire" reading packet
Math lesson 10-1 and 10-2
Spelling packet

Thank you for those who have brought in glue sticks.  You can still bring them in if you haven't had a chance.  


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Almost there!  Happy Thursday!


Math lessons 9-4, 9-5
Study for spelling test

I will be losing my classroom aides due to wonderful trips.    Sr. Divine is leaving for a trip to the Philippines for two weeks and Mrs. Fong is going to Spain for two weeks.  Am I envious, YES!  If you would like to help in the classrooms, the days I could really use help are Mondays and Thursdays in the morning from 8:00 - 12:00.  You do not need to stay all that time - even an hour would be helpful.  Thank you for considering this :)

Remember, field trip permission slips and payments are due tomorrow. 


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Thank you to those who returned their permission slips and payments for our field trip.  Parent chaperones need to include an $11 payment as well.  You may not purchase your own ticket (I just found this out :)  Thank you!

Tomorrow we will be learning about how wells work to help us get water.  The students really enjoy learning from hands on activities.  In Religion,  we are reviewing everything we experienced during Holy Week.  In Language, we are learning what irregular verbs are and how to use them.  Math continues to roll along and we learned today about how the number in the tens column tells us which number is greater when comparing two numbers.


Math Lesson 9-3
"No Bones About It" worksheet

Have a great "Hump Day!"


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Math 9-2
Comprehension worksheet

For science today we are discussing earthquakes and what happens when pressure in the earth builds up.  Ask your child how what we did to show how an earthquake works.  Tomorrow we will be having a lab on wells and how water comes up from the ground.  

Gentle reminder that Reading Logs are due by Friday.  Thank you!

April 13-17

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Welcome Back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I am hearing all about the children's vacations and next time I am going with you!  I will pack lightly.  :)  

There will be more information on next week's field trip coming home soon.    


Spelling packet - due Friday
Reading packet - due Friday
Math - 9.1 - due tomorrow
Polar Bear worksheet - due tomorrow


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We sorted jelly beans today by color and then found the difference between one color and the next.  We snuck some jelly beans and I think Sister Divine even had a few.  The children will be coming home with them today in their backpacks.  We also practiced for our para-liturgy tomorrow.  Please join us at 10:30 in the church.

Reading logs are due the Monday of the week we come back from Easter break.  

Dolphin comprehension sheet
30 minutes of mathletics

From Sister Divine, Sister Lisa, Mrs. Fong and myself, have a blessed Easter.  He is Risen!  See you after Easter break!   


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Students are bringing home their practice test today.  Please go over it with them and work on areas they had trouble with.   Test tomorrow.

"What Jesus did for Me" worksheet - You do not have to cut on the broken lines.   Have your child draw a picture of who was there with Jesus when he died (we talked about this in class) and then write one or two sentences about what it was that Jesus did when he died for us.  Glue the white paper to the construction paper provided.

Mathletics 30 minutes

Thank you for the returned report cards.  I still have five not returned.  

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