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May 26-29

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Hope you had a great three day weekend!  The children are telling me all about what they did.  During the remainder of our time together, we will be finishing our math for the year ( we are just starting our final unit which is on fractions), finishing social studies (learning about our economy), finishing religion and discussing our relationship to God and the sacraments he gave us as guides in our life.  In science we are learning about energy.  I am currently reading a Minecraft book to them (If you can't beat em, join em) - it is appropriate for them with no violence or bad words.  I am doing this to encourage reading and they are riveted!  

Homework - No spelling words
Math lessons 16-1, 16-2
Raz kids - 15 minutes :)

Let's have a great week!!


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Math Lesson 14-7
Math Topic 14 Reteaching worksheet - Test on Chapter 14 tomorrow!

Study for your spelling test :)

Monday is Memorial Day and there will not be school.  See you Tuesday, May 26.  

Once again, Go Warriors!


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Math Lessons 14-5, 14-6
Language Book pages 197-202

Go Warriors!


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Math Lessons 14-3, 14-4
Mathletics 15 minutes :)

Week of 5/18 - 5/22

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Math Lesson 14-2
Healthy Choices, Healthy Me workbook pages 13-16


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"Inside Out" worksheet

"Rosary" worksheet   We have been reciting one decade of the rosary each morning.  On the worksheet that will come home, have the children color each decade a different color.  They may color each remaining bead the color they choose.  


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Math Lesson 13-4
"Parts of a Plant" worksheet

1/2 hour on Raz Kids

What's Up?  We are almost finished with our reading anthologies in class.  In science we are studying mass, matter and weight.  In social studies we are discussing different cultures.  In religion we are discussing how sharing is a part of how we behave in the way Jesus would want us to behave.  Unit 13 is almost complete in Math - telling time!  Some will get this idea this year and others won't quite understand the concept.  Practice will help!  Our next unit in math will be on using data and tables to organize our information.  We also are continuing to work on our "Healthy Choices, Healthy Me" program.  When your child comes home tired, this is why! :)

What wonderful students!


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Homework - Math 13-3
                     Social Studies - "What Foods Do You Need?" 

Sorry about the confusion on the reading packets.  The kids made it perfectly clear that they had already had that one!! :)  They will come home with a new one tonight, I promise!

Welcome back Sister Divine!  We are happy to have you back in our classroom.  

Week of May 11-15

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I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  The children worked hard on the cards!  


Math Lessons 13-1, 13-2
Reading packet


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Math lesson 12-4

Mathletics 30 minutes

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