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The book does not need to be printed, the student reads it online.  The quiz is taken online as well.  Please send me an email if you have any questions.

The student may not get full RAZ Spendable Stars if the quiz score is less than 100.  The program allows for multiple attempts at the quiz.  Have your student take the quiz by herself or himself after reading the book.  If she or he has to take the quiz more than twice to score 100, then please provide assistance with the missed questions.

How to access the website and reading assignment from any computer connected to the Internet:

1.  Go the from your Internet browser and log in.

2.  Type in your teacher's username:  tgarciaaa and click GO.

3.  Find your name on the chart and click on that symbol.

4.  Enter your password.  Remember, DO NOT share your password
      with anyone.

5.  The books in your assignment and stars earned appear on your own
      assignment page.  You can choose to listen, read, or take a quiz by
      clicking on the symbols below each book.  If worksheets have been
      assigned, these will be sent home by your teacher.

The more you read, the better reader you will become!