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Sociology/Psychology Classroom Expectations and Syllabus, Fall 2011


Mr. Jonathan Setliff

Voice Mail: 216/251-6788 ext. 350

E-mail:  jsetliff@sja1890.org


*****Students are expected to follow all the policies in the Parent/Student Handbook*****


I.                   Materials Needed on a Daily Basis

a.       Notebooks

b.      Pens (Blue or Black)

c.       Loose Leaf Paper

d.      Textbooks

e.       Separate folder for all handouts


II.                Grading







*****Class participation will also be considered in assigning your final class grade*****


III.             Attendance, Absence, and Make-Up Policy

a.       Attendance is extremely important.  However, if a student is absent, it is her responsibility to obtain assignment and/or notes for any materials missed.  The student must:

1.      Call the homework hotline each day the student is absent

2.      Check her school e-mail daily for any information about assignments

3.      E-mail Mr. Setliff with any questions.

b.      See Make-Up Work Policy in the student handbook for the amount of time the student has to make up the work due to an absence.

c.       If there is a test or quiz the day the student returns from an absence, she will be expected to take that test/quiz.  If for whatever reason she is not prepared, a note must be brought from her parents explaining the circumstances why the student cannot take the test/quiz. 

d.      An unexcused absence on a test or quiz day will result in a zero.








IV.             Assignments

a.       Assignments must be handed in on filler paper and written in blue or black ink unless otherwise specified.

b.      Assignments are to be turned in in class the day that they are due.  They will be considered late if the student still needs to print them or they are turned in at the end of the day.  Points will be deducted from these assignments.

c.       If a student cannot turn in an assignment on time she must bring a note from her parent explaining why the assignment will be late.  If she does not turn in this note, she may not make up the assignment.


V.                Cheating

A student who hands in work that is not her own will be subject to the policies on Academic Dishonesty that are explained in the student hand book.


VI.             Respect

a.       Students are expected to show respect to the teacher and other class members at all times.  Respectful behaviors include not speaking while someone else is speaking and keeping critical remarks to oneself.

b.      Any rude and discourteous behavior will result in an infraction as stated in the Student Handbook.


VII.          Tardiness

Students are expected to be present and on time for class each day.

a.       See Student Handbook for school policy on tardiness to school and class.

b.      Students who miss any quizzes because they are tardy to class will generally not be permitted to make up the points missed for these quizzes.  If the reason given for the tardiness is acceptable, students may have to opportunity to make up the work.


VIII.       Lavatory and Drinking Fountain

Students are generally not permitted to leave the classroom once the class has started.  If an emergency arises, the student must secure a pass from the teacher in order to leave the classroom.  Only one student at a time may leave the classroom.  If a student has a medical problem that necessitates frequent use of the lavatory, a brief not from the parent or guardian to that effect will allow the student to leave the classroom as necessary.


IX.             Other Behavior Guidelines

a.       There will be no gum chewing in class.

b.      Water bottles, other drinks, and food are not to be brought in the classroom.  The water bottle and food will be confiscated.

c.       Students are not to bring cell phones to class.  They are to remain in the students lockers.  If a cell phone goes off in class or vibrates, the teacher will take the cell phone and turn it into Miss Ciolek’s office.  The student will have to see Miss Ciolek at the end of the day to retrieve their phone.

d.      If the teacher is late for class, the students are to sit quietly until he arrives.  If after 10 minutes the teacher has not arrived, one student is to report this to the main office.

e.       All of the rules of behavior listed in the Student Handbook will be enforced and the appropriate infractions will be issued


Week 1 – August 22-August 26

                Topics Covered

·         Class orientation

·         Introduction to Sociology (What is Sociology? Why Study Sociology?, etc.)

·         Early Sociologists


Week 2 – August 29-September 2

                Topics Covered

·         Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology

·         Culture Meaning and Variation



·         Personal Culture Project



Week 3 – September 5-September 9

                Topics Covered

·         Sub-Culture

·         Counter-Culture



·         Personal Culture Project  Presentations

·         Exam #1



Week 4 – September 12-September 16

                Topics Covered

·         American Value System

·         Social Control

·         Social Change


Week 5 – September 19-September 23

                Topics Covered

·         Social Structure

·         Social Interaction

·         Societies/Groups in Societies


                The Devil’s Playground

Exam #2







Week 6 – September 26-September 30

                Topics Covered

·         Social Stratification

·         Class Systems

·         Poverty




Week 7 – October 3-October 7

                Topics Covered

·         Race and Racial Relations

·         Ethnicity and Social Structure



·         Race-Relations Supreme Court Cases


Week 8 – October 10-October 14

                Topics Covered

·         Deviance

·         Social Control


·         Serial Killer Project


Week 9 – October 17-October 21

                Topics Covered

·         Deviance

·         Social


                                Serial Killer Presentations


Week 10 – October 24-October 28

                End of First Quarter (10/25)


                Sociology Exam (10/25/11)


                Topics Covered

·         Intro to Psychology



Week 11 – October 31-November 4

                Topics Covered

·         Psychological Disorder

·         Personality Disorder





Week 12 – November 7-November 11

                Topics Covered

·         Altered States of Consciousness

·         Sensation and Perception



Week 13 – November 14-November 18

                Topics Covered

·         Classical and Operant Conditioning

·         Thinking and Language


Week 14 – November 21-November 25

                Thanksgiving Break





Week 15 – November 28-December 2

                Topics Covered

·         Psychological Testing

·         Theories of Personality

·         Intelligence Testing


Week 16 – December 5-December 9

Topics Covered

·         Individual Interaction

·         Group Interaction


Week 17 – December 12-December 16

                Topics Covered

·         Group Behavior

·         Conformity

·         Conflict



Week 18 – January 2-January 6

                Topics Covered

·         Attitude formation

·         Attitude Change


Week 19 – January 9-January 13

                Topics Covered

·         Semester Review

·         Final Exam

·         View the Movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest