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This is a place where I share my open views about things I have learned, observed and experienced. There is NO absolute RIGHT or WRONG answer to a question. They are just my views.

My Open View # 12
Just a week after starting the first phase of delivering iPads to 640,000 students, administrators of Los Angeles school district halted the project because students could hack into the devices to visit websites blocked by the school. Read the story HERE.  
My view: This is a fight between digital immigrants who just come to the cyber world yet try to conquer it and digital natives who already live in the cyber world and do not want to be controlled. 

My Open View # 11
The finding of a new survey by the Huffington Post showed that more and more young people are sleeping with their phone while their parents are sleeping with people. Read the report HERE.  
My view: I am not surprised by the finding but I am so impressed by the title itself. Their parents are sleeping with "WHAT PEOPLE" :-)

My Open View # 10
According to a report from the Center for American Progress, schools frequently acquire digital devices without discrete learning goals and ultimately use these devices in ways that fail to adequately serve students, or taxpayers. A detailed report is HERE.
My view: It seems that not only hardware and software need updating but humanware also does:-) 

My Open View # 9
The comic below is an assignment by a learner in our CALL class, a mini MOOC.
My view: I did not grade this learner's previous assignments, but he is correct in this assignment:-)
By ninhbac83

My Open View # 8
According to the Sunday Seattle Times, after pouring millions of dollars into education reform programs, Mr. Gate, the richest man in the world, realized that money cannot buy teachers. Read the article HERE.
My view: Yes, I totally agree that money can't buy teachers, but more money can:-)

My Open View # 7
EdTech magazine reported that among the six hot trends in education in the coming years will be the use of digital textbooks in school. Read the article HERE.
My View: If this trend is realized, another hot trend in education will be more students with eyesight problems:-) 

My Open View # 6
An article in Time HERE offers tips and advises on how to keep data safe from spying. At the end, it concludes that " “Someone can always find you — just depends on how motivated they are (and how much information they have access to"
My View: You don't need to have sophisticated programs to keep your data safe (actually not really safe). Just don't use Internet, phone and credit card. Another option is PLEASE DO NOT DO STUPID EVIL!

My Open View # 5
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) will offer each coming freshman a DELL Window 8-based tablet this Fall semester 2013.
My View: Offering students tablets is quite common now in higher education. According to a report by a market research firm IDC, more and more universities are buying tablets for their students. The question is why SIUC chose DELL Window-based tablet. I have three tablets with four different OSs: iOS, Android, WebOS and Window 8. Thus, my comments and comparisons are based on my actual experience with them.
  • Dell Window Tablet is heavier than iPad and HP touchpad (I installed both Android and webOS in this device).
  • There are too few Apps in Window store. 
  • The design is not user-friendly. It is very difficulty to navigate and search Internet.
Conclusion: The best may not be always the winner:-)

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