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    The Lunz houseshoe is the perfect work-from-home/stay-at-home essential that combines orthotic-quality support, natural materials for year-round comfort, and hand-stitched appliques that make each pair a one-of-a-kind. We make 'houseshoes,' not slippers. What is the difference? For us, it's a philosophy about what purpose our footwear serves. We prefer to use our work/play shoes for their intended purpose, which is, well, work and play. We don't like to track the dirt, germs and funk indoors. Houseshoes, on the other hand, are exactly that: shoes for your home. So, we set our minds to designing the Ultra-Comfort Collection which allows you to have the support and stability of a 'shoe' while also feeling relaxed, comfortable, and energized. Fully removable, anatomically-correct carbon/rubber footbed is lined with 100% natural boiled wool. You have the option of enjoying our removable anatomically-correct footbeds with arch support or replace them with your own custom orthotic. Our 100% boiled uppers are temperature-regulating and wick away moisture, creating a dry and healthy environment for your feet all year long. Naturally anti-microbial boiled wool is never itchy or scratchy and our edge-free mid seam ensures form-fitting comfort with no rubbing or chafing. Our patented, slip- and water-resistant latex-dipped outsole will not mark or scuff your floors. And they are machine washable (air-dry only). Keep a pair of Giessweins near your front door: they are the comforting conclusion to a long day or the perfect start to a new one.

    • Made in: Slovakia
    • Fit: True to Size
    • Outsole: Latex
    • Upper: Natural Boiled Wool

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