Student Schedules


Schedules received at New Student Orientation look something like the following


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Student Schedule


CRN               SUBJ             CRSE             SEC  CMP   TITLE                                                                                 CREDITS      DAYS             TIME                                   BUILD         ROOM    INST

63287         UC                  1013            031  J          Making Connections                                              3                     MWF            2:00 to 2:50 pm          BU                 218          Smee L

61248         HIST              1023            005  J          World Civ Since 1660                                             3                     TR                   11:00 to 12:15 am     W                 124          STAFF

61980         MUS              2503            003  J          Fine Arts Musical                                                      3                     MWF            10:00 to 10:50 am     FA                 210         Seay S

63199         MATH           0013            017  J          Intermediate Algebra                                           3                     TR                   2:00 to 3:15 pm          CSM              217         STAFF

63542         POSC            2103            006  J          Honors Intro to Amer. Government            3                     MWF            11:00-11:50 am           W                   412         Miller F


TOTAL 15.000


CRN - The course registration number is the identification code used for registration purposes.

SUBJ - The subject known as the “prefix” identifies the academic department from which the course originates.

CRSE- Together the subject and course number define a specific course such as MATH 0013. This combination is the subject and course number for all Intermediate Algebra courses. The first number in the sequence defines the course level. Most first-year students should not be enrolled in 3000 or 4000 level courses.
SEC - Some courses have multiple sections offered. The section number identifies a course by its unique time and location.  In the example above, Math 0013 is section 017 which is taught on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:15 PM.
CMP - Students often overlook campus location on the schedule. This code identifies which campus a course is taught. In this example “J” stands for the Jonesboro campus.
TITLE - The course title is displayed in this section. Students should double check all course titles.  If a course is designated as an honors course, students must meet criteria and have made application to the Honors Program.

CREDITS - This section identifies the “credit” hours assigned to each course. This is a tricky section. Noncredit courses such as MATH 0013 area also listed but do not carry college credit. The course number can be used to determine noncredit courses.  In this example, MATH 0013 can be identified as a noncredit course because the course number begins with a 0.” The schedule shown above lists a total of 15 hours for the fall semester. Twelve hours are credited hours and three are non-credited hours. It is important to distinguish between noncredit and credit hours. Many scholarships require a minimum of 15 credited hours. However, noncredit courses do count toward full-time status.

DAYS- This section displays the days of the week the course meets:  (M) Monday (T) Thursday (W) Wednesday (R) Thursday (F) Friday

TIME - This section displays the times the course meets.

BUILD - This section displays the building the course meets in.

ROOM - This section displays the rooms the course meets in.

INSTRUCTOR - This section displays the instructor of the course.