10" Alt-Az Telescope Project

I will be updating this page with my progress in building a10" Alt-Az telescope around the SiTech Servo Controller system. That’s correct; I’m not retro-fitting the STSC to a telescope, rather I’m building the scope from the inside out, so to speak.




I will use a 10” f4.9 mirror from a very old Parks telescope which was previously in a simple wooden Dobsonian mount. My wife made me give up the "big blue box" when she purchased a Celestron N5 for me as a gift. I know, i lost 75% of my light gathering power, but the Phoenix will arise!


The scope will be:


User friendly – It will be used for visual (I teach an astronomy class) observing and will be computer controlled (find the objects fast!).

Semi portable – I want to use it in the field for video occultation work.

Accurate – I own a commercially available “GoTo” telescope but I haven’t been totally impressed with its tracking cabilities.


Design philosophy:


I will use off the shelf and custom designed parts when needed. I do not want to try to reinvent the wheel; after all, do I need to invent yet another secondary holder? That been said, I hope that something I accomplish with this project will prove to be innovative.


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