Very amateur astronomer in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia.

The retirement project - "getting further away" given the GFC ( Global financial crisis )  is to bring into life an old weapons range kinetheodolite as an imaging scope. The essential ingredient is the SiTech servo drive system. early  tests proved encouraging with smooth slew and drive for this heavy mount.. Small problem occurred with the controller which was returned to Mel Bartels and Dan Gay, replacement promptly shipped ....you Guy's are the best. Great product better service and extensive documentation.

Considering the Kinethodolite is some 60 years old - bit younger than me.........and stored for several decades very lttle mechanical issues aside from ancient grease are expected. 

When completed the instrument is intended for camera work not visual with two original optics, a 600mm f4.5 and a 1000mm f6.3 mirror lense. Both optics designed and made by the Askania - Bamberg Werke A.G. Berlin-Freidenau see site http://www.astropa.unipa.it/biblioteca/Strumenti/strum_list.html for the older Askania scientific instruments. These give you some idea of the history of Askania.

Site Work in progress.......attached photo is of the 2008 Solar eclipse in the Gobi desert at Jinta, taken by my wife while I try for the shot with a D80 and 500mm mirror lense which appears on the second attachment, out of focus as in the excitement of the occasion took off the Baader solar film filter and moved focus.
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