Potential Hazardous Asteroid, 2009 KG3, was discovered 5-24-09 at Sandlot.

While hunting down 2009 KN (a known NEO) I came across a 19th magnitude object moving about 1.5 arc-seconds/minute at a PA of 277.   I first thought the object to be a part of the Herschel-Planck mission but after contacting the Minor Planet Center's Distant Artificial Satellites Observations page, it was determined to be too far from the source and I turned in the observations to the MPC as belonging to a Possible NEO.
Sandlot's temporary designation for the object, lb0312, was put on the NEO Confirmation Page.  A few hours later G96 (Mount Lemon Survey) in Arizona picked up lb312 and made confirming observations. Several hours after that M. Busch observed it at Starkenburg (611) in Germany and a MPEC was issued May 24th, 23:04 U.T. giving the PHA the temporary designation 2009 KG3.  Later that day  another MPEC was issued when Gareth Williams of the MPC linked 2009  KG3 to 2004 LC2.  A fast-paced day for the object's name. The PHA had 3 name changes (designations) within that 24 hours,  lb0312 - 2009 KG3 -  and finally 2004 LC2.  Sandlot's 'discovery'  is no more,  being replaced
instead by a PHA recovery -  C'est la vie      

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