Welcome to Seiad Elementary!

Seiad Elementary School is a K-8th school located in a remote isolated rural site on the Klamath River. The staff, students, and community are close and cohesive, accentuating high academic and behavioral expectations. Classroom and group sizes are very small, with an average of 15 students per classroom (K-3 and 4-8). The student to  instructional adult ratio is 6 to 1. Current standard based texts,material and supplies are sufficient for promoting a quality education for the students.

The goal of Seiad Elementary is to meet the individual needs of each child every day. Due to the multi-graded classrooms, students are easily integrated into the appropriate academic situation. Small group settings further facilitate individualized instruction. Attendance is 
excellent. Discipline and behavioral problems are negligible. Staff and students look forward to school each day. 


All students will learn to use their minds well and be prepared for:
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Life long learning
  • Productive employment in our modern economy
  • Taking responsibility for learning, decisions and actions
Seiad Elementary School is committed to:
  • Help each child realize his or her full potential
  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity
  • Fostering constant exploration of change as part of our culture
  • Creating a learning community