Can I participate individually in Youth Day?

Yes!!  Follow these steps to participate in Youth Day as an individual:
  1. Email youth4change@sisgigroup.org your name, email and location to be added to the online discussion community. You will receive access to the APYD Youth 4 Change Google Group to add your voice to the online discussions. You can also respond to the questions on Google+ and Facebook.
  2. On Monday, August 3, 2015 you will receive an email with the schedule for the day. At the designated times in the schedule links to the videos will be posted in the discussion community as well as sent to your email. Watch the video on YouTube.
  3. Once you have watched the videos, questions will be added to the discussion community. You can respond to the discussions online and in social media by using the hashtag #APYDCON 2015 or #APYDY4C 2015 in your tweets. 
  4. The APYD Team will hold discussions with the youth from the online organizations and you can watch and participate on Google+ or Watch it live HERE on this site (See the Event Schedule under Youth 4 Change August 2015).
  5. You can participate in any of the Instagram projects and create a video or take pictures to include in the Photo Gallery on our site. Always include @youth4change in your photos and the hashtags #APYDCON 2015 or #APYDY4C 2015.
  6. You can submit a blog post about an issue in your community that you care about with images to youth4change@sisgigroup.org. We will add select posts to the What's Happening Now section on the website.
  7. Join the Final Google+ Hangout of the day where we will discuss issues of diversity. Each organization will advocate for their own local communities. We also will share how you can continue to be involved in this ongoing effort. The hangout will begin at 3:30pm (Eastern) and 12:30 pm (Pacific).

Can I create a page for my youth community? 

Yes!! Just follow these instructions:

Create a page for your community by contacting youth4change@sisgigroup.org
Once you have your webpage approved, it is time to make the webpage your own!  

Be creative by adding the following to your webpage:

Post Questions/Create Discussion Boards

- In order to post questions and create discussion boards you must...  Post questions that you may have that are relevant to youth and issues in your community.  These questions may include but are not limited to: best practices for youth development, addressing issues in your community, getting involved, inspiring others, etc.

Post Images

- You can upload images by... Post images on your page that depict issues that are relevant to youth in your community.  Include images that inspire youth, create discussion, and provoke thoughts around important issues in your community.

Create a Blog

- In order to create a blog...  This blog should be written by youth in the community.  

These blogs can be about any issues youth find pertinent and close to their hearts. 

You can ask youth to submit blogs and select one each month or bi monthly to post onto your page. 

Post Videos

- You can upload videos to your page by....  Post videos that relate to issues your community is facing or inspires youth to make positive changes in their community.  These may include YouTube videos, music videos, TEDTalks, lectures, etc.

Calendar of Events

-Create a calendar that showcases events youth or organizations are doing in your community.  This may include community meetings discussing issues pertinent to youth, a film and discussion night at a local youth organization, or community service events.  Encourage youth in your community to get involved and create their own events as well!

Be creative, make this webpage your own, and provide information and content and language that is respectful to all.