Instagram Challenge

In this activity, we would like you to try to find images or create videos that you can upload to your Instagram account relating to negative gender portrayals, our role as a generation, and what we can do to make a change in our community and in society.

These images may be:

  • pictures you see in your community,

  • pictures from media outlets or news articles,

  • pictures you find online,

  • personal photos, etc.

Be creative but keep in mind the community guidelines!

For each image/video please explain why you chose to upload this image and discuss how it relates to the issues we have discussed. Include this information in the description text box under the image/video.  

Please tag us @youth4change in each image/video and be sure to include #apydyouth as a hashtag.  


All Photos will be part of the Youth4Change Photo Gallery.

Have questions or concerns about the Instagram Challenge visit the FAQ section or contact us at