Dear Educators, Parents and Community Members:

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Southeast Island School District’s Student Services website.  My goal for our website is to provide direction, guidance, information and support to our staff, parents, students, and community members.
    The Southeast Island School District (SISD) has sites on Prince of Wales & Baranof Islands, which are within 18,000 miles of coastline and two million acres of land in Southeast, Alaska.  Despite the many challenges that our remoteness brings, we are dedicated to appropriately identifying and serving children with special needs.
    Once a child is identified, the student’s support team works together to ensure the child receives the necessary services.  If parents or community members have a concern about the academic or developmental progress of a student, they can review this site to determine whether they should inquire about special education services at their child’s school.
    SISD has an outstanding team of educators and support staff currently working with our children, and our parents are strong advocates for the students.  By working together we can ensure that our students are identified as early as possible and receive the special services they need. 

Thank you for taking the time to review our website!

Sheila Nyquest
Special Education Director