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Week At A Glance

Announcing SISCL's Second Annual BIG Vocabulary Contest

SISCL's Student Government is happy to announce its second annual BIG Vocabulary Contest.  This year we are doing things a bit differently.  There will be two rounds. 

Round One: students in grades 4-8 will study 100 common academic vocabulary words (click here for access to the words).  On Thursday, January 12th, up to two students from each class will come to the auditorium during homeroom to show what they know.  (The homeroom teacher may allow students to compete during class and send the winner(s) or simply select one or two students who have demonstrated an interest in the contest.)  The top five “word wizards” will move on to round two.

Round Two: the top five word wizards will compete with an advanced list of 1,000 vocabulary words (click here for access to the second group of words).  The five finalists will compete on Thursday, January 26th during homeroom.  There will be prizes for all five finalists, and special recognition for the top three word wizards.  Any teacher in grades 4-8 who wishes to bring a class to watch the competition may do so by making a reservation with Mr. Parise.  (Attendance is voluntary.)

Review the word list, study with a friend, and get ready to compete.   Good luck! 

Click here to learn about our Leadership Curriculum and find resources to use to support the process at home and in the school community. 

SISCL's Cell Phone Policy

In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-413, which provides guidance on the use of cellphones and other electronic devices in NYC Public Schools, this notice serves the purpose of keeping you informed of our school’s continued policy which is as follows:
  • Cell phones, computing devices and portable music/entertainment systems are permitted to be brought to school but must remain turned off and in the student’s backback/schoolbag at all times while in the school building.
  • Use of electronic devices during the school day is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, all visible headphones, earpieces and any electronic devices attached to belt loops or wrist-pieces.
  • Students who use cell phones, computing devices or portable music and entertainment systems in violation of the DOE’s Discipline Code, this school’s policy, Chancellor’s Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.
  • If a cell phone, computing device, or portable music or entertainment system is confiscated by a staff member or school official for violation of the DOE’s Discipline Code, this school’s policy, the Chancellor’s Regulation, and/or the Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy, the student’s parent/guardian must be contacted and arrangements made to retrieve the device.  Until that time, the device will be locked up and stored in the General Office.

SISCL Hosts College and Career Fair

Over 400 SISCL students took an in-depth look at colleges and careers at our 2017 College and Career fair.  The event, hosted by our 8th grade students, Student Lighthouse team, College Access for All program and NYCID, brought together two dozen local career speakers and college students as well as over 60 college presentations created by our 8th grade students. Throughout the all-day event, students in grades five through eight interviewed lawyers, marine biologists, architects, CPAs, financial planners, police officers, fire-fighters, video designers and more to hear what it takes to land a successful job in the future. They also heard from our 8th grade students who presented two-months' of research on a college they wanted to go to in the future.  The event showed students a path from SISCL, through high school, and college to a career goal and further strengthened our college-going culture. Click here to see photos from the day's event. 

SISCL's Hour of Code: Over 900 Students Introduced to Computer Coding  

As part of our STEM and SEP Jr. Computer Science for All initiatives, we are excited to announce our participation in The Hour of Code, a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science and demystify “code” to show that anybody can learn the basics. This grassroots campaign is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide. The program fosters the belief that every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science to nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

At SISCL, every student will have the opportunity to take part in an Hour of Code activity hosted by our SEP Jr. teachers during Computer Science Education Week, from December 5th-11th.

SISCL Student Government Visits Seaview Nursing Home

Student Reflection: Aiyaniah L

My trip to the Seaview Nursing Home was remarkably amazing because it was my first time seeing elders like this in my nine-year-old life. This was a cool trip because we made the elders happy. I liked this because this was a once in a lifetime experience and I can't wait to go back. 

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meetings

School Leadership Team meetings are held on the first Tuesday each month at 4:05PM in the SISCL library. 

We are delighted to announce that our school will be participating in the School Mental Health Consulting Program this year. This innovative new program will provide our school with additional resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of all students. Please be on the lookout for helpful information about a featured mental health and well-being topic in each month’s parent newsletter and on the SISCL Mental Health page. All information will be prepared by our school’s mental health consultant.

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