Hello and welcome to 6th Grade 
E.L.A. with Ms. Holtzer and Mrs. Immella (609)!

Classes  606, 609


Each and every day students take part in Reading and Writing using a variety of resources. We will use our Code X Common Core Aligned Reading and Writing program throughout the week. We will also use technology such as our interactive Smartboard, class ipads and laptops. We will also incorporate short stories, chapter books, and teacher created resources to further our learning each day and meet state standards. All lessons are differentiated as needed to meet students’ needs. Students are responsible for handing in homework and tasks on time, participating in class, as well as staying organized and prepared each day like the leaders we know they are.  


                                                             Homework & Reading Expectations

Students have chosen independent reading books from the class library. It is their responsibility to bring these books back and forth between school and home every day. Each WEEK (due on Friday), students are expected to choose 2 HOTS Narrative Toolbox questions that speaks out to them about their independent reading book and answer them in their NOTEBOOK. This will be checked every Friday along with their Reading Log. 

Also, ONE HOT Narrative Short Response will be written on looseleaf paper and graded each FRIDAY. So, that is 3 responses each week (2 in the notebook and one that gets collected on looseleaf)The response on looseleaf answers a question that is given to the students on Monday that goes along with one of our Mentor Texts.

 It is expected that students read anywhere from 30-60 minutes each night and that they are logging their reading using our reading log.


                                             Assessments,  Student Data, Small Group and Conferencing

Before each Reading and Writing unit, teachers work closely to create pre-assessments that measure students’ skills. We then use this data to carefully plan our conferences and small group instruction to target specific skills students need to work on throughout the unit. Student’s reading levels will also be monitored throughout the school year to measure growth.