Fourth Grade Supply List

o   7 composition notebooks:  wide-ruled

o   Soft Pencil case: no plastic boxes, please

o   ½  inch hardcover binder

o   Homework planner or assignment book

o   Blue or black erasable pens

o   3 Red pens

o   4 Highlighters: 2 yellow and 2 pink

o   10 Sharpened pencils everyday

o    5 two pocket folders: red,  yellow, blue, purple and 1 any design

o    1 Three Prong folder

o   2 reams of computer paper

o   I pack of 3”x 5” index cards

o   1 pack of loose leaf paper: wide ruled

o   1 protractor

o   Headphones (labelled in a bag)

o   Clear contact paper

o   1 package of glue sticks

o   1 roll of scotch tape

o   1 safety scissors

o   1 box of colored pencils

o   1 box of Crayons

o   3 pads of post –its

o    Dictionary

o    1 package of dry erase markers

o   2 boxes of tissues

o   2 boxes Ziplock bags

o   2 boxes two gallon size

o   1 box one gallon size

o   2 rolls of paper towels

o   1 pack of wipes

o   1 container of disinfectant wipes

o   1 bottle of handsoap

o    $9 for a STEM Trip T-Shirt: enclosed in an envelope with your child’s name and size:      Youth:     S                  M                     L                       XL

Adult:       S                  M                     L                       XL

Please label all of these supplies with FIRST and LAST Name and Class

(even pencils and pens)