Accessing FOSS Kit Online Resources

FOSS Website for NYC: The site has moved. Here are the details to access the site: 

How to access the new FOSS Website for your existing FOSS Modules 

1) Go to 

2) On the upper right hand corner click the link to “Register” 

3) You now have 4 steps to complete registration. 

4) Step 1: Register as a User of an Organization 

a. Enter and confirm your e-mail 

b. Check yes for working in a school, etc. 

c. Where you are asked for “Organization Name” make sure to type in “New York” 

d. Complete the starred * information and click “search” 

e. You will be giving many school options. You can “add” New York City Department of Education” or your “New York City Community School District” –if you see it. 

5) Step 2: Enter Personal Information 

a. Choose a “password” and fill out what is starred * 

6) Step 3: Define Security Information 

7) Step 4: Confirm Registration 

a. You must now click on the link to confirm your registration that comes to your e-mail 

8) This will take you to the Modules in the FOSSWeb page. 

a. In order to “activate” the modules NYC has used you need to click on “Activate This Module” and enter NYCBE19833 

b. This code is only good for the modules NYC has purchased in the past- not the new modules. 

9) Check out all the on-line resources you also have for your FOSS modules.