2018-19 PL Resources

September 24, 2018

ACTIVATE: Cognitive Skills Training Program 

Teachers will understand what ACTIVATE is, how it works and how to begin the implementation process in their classrooms. Teachers will preview the learning games, cognitive pre-assessment tests and the teacher portal so they understand how to monitor their students’ progress. 
  • Teachers will be introduced to ACTIVATE - a research-based comprehensive cognitive skills training program designed to improve attention, self-control and memory – key skills essential for learning.
  • Teachers will understand the research behind the program, how it works and its affect on student achievement. 
  • Teachers will learn how to administer the program in a classroom setting – including the use of ACTIVATE games, cognitive pre-assessment tests, and physical training exercises.

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3c, 4e

October 2-5, 2018

Core Collaborative EmpowerED Learner Math Training with Lori Cook

Building on professional learning from the EmpowerED Learner Math Training from Spring 2018 and Algebra For All sessions, teachers will continue to learn new instructional strategies to increase students’ fluency, conceptual understanding and application of grade-level math practices.  By the end of this day-long session, teachers will understand how to conduct a dot and number talk, access resources from our professional text, Teaching-Student Centered Mathematics and teach inquiry-based math lessons using Three Act Tasks and the Launch, Explore, Summarize model.
  • Teachers will learn how to use dot and number talks as a mental math warm up and fluency exercise.
  • Teachers will jigsaw Jo Boler’s research about pitfalls and unproductive practices in traditional math classrooms 
  • Teachers will learn about inquiry-based lesson structures including Three Act Tasks and the Launch, Explore, Summarize activity

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e

September 24, October 1, October 15, November 7, January 15

Amplify Science Curriculum / NYC Science Scope and Sequence Training

Using skills learned in Summer 2018 and district Amply training, lead science teachers will turnkey the Amplify program to our science teachers in grades K-5. Over the course of several sessions throughout the year, teachers will learn all the components of the Amplify program and how it is aligned to the new scope and sequence. 
  • Teachers will be introduced to the Amplify Science curriculum and its classroom use to meet the NYC Science Scope and Sequence and the Next Generation Science standards. 
  • Teachers will understand the components of an Amplify Unit, inquiry-based teaching strategies as well the programs embedded literacy strategies.
  • Teachers will learn how to conduct summative and formative assessments using Amplify tasks.
  • Teachers will learn how to access resources on the Amplify teacher and student sites and use interactive videos and simulations. 
  • Teachers will review the NYC Science Scope and Sequence to ensure curriculum maps and unit plans aligned

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e

September 24, November 6, 2018

Educating Powerful Writers

Teacher leaders who attended the Summer 2018 Educating Powerful Writers Program will ensure all ELA teachers in grades 6-8 understand how to engage their students in the writing curriculum, can access and implement resources in the teachers and student guides and understand the flow of each unit and lesson. Session two will include work on leveraging small group instruction to implement writing strategies found in the book, “The Writing Strategy Groups,” by Jennifer Serravallo.

  • In session one, teachers engage in an overview workshop about the structure of the Educating Powerful Writers program – learning the structure of each unit and lesson, how to model effective writing techniques and utilize resources in the teacher and student guide. 
  • In session two, teachers will learn how to engage students in small group writing strategy sessions – using the guide, “The Writing Strategy Groups,” by Jennifer Serravallo.

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e

October 29, 2018 - December 17, 2018

Professional Learning Cycle of Inquiry Focus One:

Exploring and Planning to include the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards
  • We will understand  what the Next Generation Learning Standards Implementation Timeline means for us
  • We will recognize the changes made for both Math and ELA Standards and how they impact our planning
  • We will Explore the Crosswalks that bridge the 2011 Common Core Standards with the Next Generation Learning Standards.
  • We will begin planning with both the 2011 Common Core Standards and the New Next Generation Learning Standards in mind. 

Danielson Alignment:
 1a, 1e, 3c

November 6, 2018

Math Talks and Rigorous Tasks

Led by Algebra For All trained teachers, vertical math team members will dive deeper into Dot and Number Talks and a rigorous task. By the end of the session, teachers will have viewed a model of each practice, discuss its implementation in their classroom so far and plan next steps and implications for future lessons. 
  • Teachers will model, practice and discuss Dot and Number talks 
  • Teachers will model a rigorous task and discuss multiple entry points and opportunities for engagement from all learners. 
Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 3b, 3c, 3d

November 6, 2018

A+ Mobile STEM Lab Professional Learning Session 

In this session, teachers will be continue to learn about the A+ Mobile STEM labs. Teachers will learn about its components and how to use them in all subject areas. Teachers will be able to begin using the labs and generate questions for future professional learning sessions.
  • Teachers will continue to learn the components and resources of the Mobile STEM labs
  • Teachers will continue to learn how to use technical STEM lab equipment including:
  • Mobile Laptops 
  • Laptop monitoring software
  • Document camera
  • Wireless data loggers 
  • Digital probes 
  • Digital microscopes
  • Hand-held microscopes
  • Student response systems
  • Wireless slate 
  • Teachers will become familiar with STEM lab curriculum resources

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 3b, 3c, 3d

November 6, 2018

Stress Management and Mindfulness

Through our partnership with the NYCDOE Office of School Mental Health,  School Mental Health Consultant,  Geoffrey DeBery will help teachers and staff understand how to incorporate mindfulness and stress management techniques into their daily routines through stretching, breathing and awareness exercises. 
  • Teachers and staff learn about stress by brainstorming the physical effects it has on their physical and mental state. 
  • Teachers and staff will learn how stress management is a personal task that takes maintenance through mindfulness. 
  • Teachers and staff will learn practical mindfulness techniques to balance stress throughout the day. 
Danielson Alignment: 4e

November 20, 2018

LightSail Professional Learning Implementation Workshop

Teachers will revisit the LightSail program and learn new and improved features to prepare to launch the program in our classrooms. 
  • We will learn new and improved features of LightSail
  • We will prepare to launch LightSail in our classrooms
Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 3c ,3d

Student Intro Lessons: 

Lesson 1: Opening a Book & Power Challenge (and a video of this lesson in action)
Lesson 3: Making Thoughts

Training Site PW - teacher

November 27-29, 2018

NTN Math Professional Learning Series (Fall Session) with Coach Robin Posner

Building on math professional learning from College Access for All and the EmpowerED Learner Math Series, NTN coach Robin Posner will work with teachers in full-day PL sessions to explore what rigor looks like in the math classroom and then unpack their standards and tasks through that lens. 
  • Teachers will learn the components of rigor in a standards-aligned math task. 
  • Teachers will unpack their grade-level standards through the lens of rigor and analyze their own tasks to ensure alignment
  • Teachers will learn about concrete, pictorial, verbal and abstract representations of math standards and how to cycle through representations to give all students multiple entry points.

Prodigy Game

3 Act Tasks K - 5

GO Math Guidance Documents

Number Talks

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e


January 14, 2019

Professional Learning Inquiry Cycle: Impact Team Schedules and Protocols

In this professional learning session, teachers will review our SISCL Inquiry / Impact Team protocols and create their Professional Learning Inquiry Cycle Impact Team Schedules. 
  • We will complete our Professional Learning Inquiry Cycle Impact Team Schedules
  • We will review the protocols for SISCL’s Professional Learning Inquiry Cycle 
Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e

January 28, February 11 - April 29

Professional Learning Cycle of Inquiry Focus Two:

Checks for Understanding and the Formative Assessment Process 

In this 10-week Professional Learning Inquiry Cycle, teachers will explore in-class checks for understanding techniques, perform an inquiry study and share back findings to their colleagues. The goal of this session is to focus on checks for understanding and its implementation and impact on student learning in the Formative Assessment Process. 

  • Teachers will be able to plan for and implement on going checks for understanding in all lessons, by reflecting on and discussing new strategies and ideas 

Danielson Alignment: 1a, 1e, 2d, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4e

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