Ms Elizabeth Suryani Ongko
 081703770817 or 08155026017

Venue:  SIS Elementary Music Room
 Intermediate - Mondays
 Advanced - Wednesdays 
 3:00 - 4:00 PM

This activity is not on the sign up form. Please carefully read the information provided on this page. 

Important Note on Participation:
This program is for students who have been part of the Elementary Strings program last year and have been placed by the instructor last year into one of the following categories: Elementary Intermediate or Elementary Advanced. If you think your child qualifies for one of these categories, but you have not received an email about his/her placement, please contact Mr Arturs Pilkevics: apilkevics@sis.sch.id 

Important Note on Supervision Requirements 
Parents of the students who have been qualified to participate in this class are asked to accompany their child or send an adult to accompany their child on their behalf during the first 2 sessions of this activity to ensure smooth transition to a new year and help with addressing any disciplinary issues. Following the first two sessions parents may be asked to continue providing adult supervision of their child to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for the group.  

Parents of other students interested in taking violin lessons, or students who are not able to commit to the days provided, may contact the new instructor directly to make the private lesson arrangements (see contact information above).

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the after school program, please do not hesitate to contact 
the SIS Athletics and Activities Coordinator, Mr Arturs Pilkevics: apilkevics@sis.sch.id