Australian manufacturing industry is facing challenges that mean to stay competitive we need to be able to produce higher quality, lower cost and above all be more agile and responsive to our customers.

If you are tasked with strategy development or execution to achieve these objectives then you are probably considering lean. If you aren't you should be.

World class manufacturing using a lean Competitive Manufacturing approach is a top down and bottom up process. It is a long term strategy that can provide quick wins through waste identification and elimination but the real gains come through establishing a culture that supports engagement and continuous improvement.

Effective management is vital and we recommend taking a balanced scorecard or visual scoreboard approach. People need both training and information in order to make good decisions. If your people who are doing the process work that adds value are not making good decisions, look up. There may be a problem with communicating your strategy or a lack of support or resources to allow them to perform at a higher level.
Geoff Green has put together a series of articles that may provide some helpful insight!