Introduction and Purpose

The objective of the School District of Siren is to ensure that all students, by the time they have completed the 12th grade, will have acquired knowledge and skills in accessing, processing and communicating information using a broad range of resources and technologies.  Students will also be empowered to become self-reliant, independent, lifelong learners. 

We are seeing changes in our community and in the school population we serve.  We now see a more predominant technological need that was not present in decades past.  We recognize that the role and definition of the school must change to reflect the efforts we must undertake and the ones we may be asked to undertake in the future for the overall welfare of our young students. 
An updated plan must be developed, primarily to help guide us as we execute our responsibility to educate our students.  We must find ways to provide them with the appropriate kinds of knowledge and skills for the world in which they will live.  We need to prepare them for the types of workplaces they will find when they take their place in our community. We need to help them develop into productive citizens in our society. 

The plan must allow teachers to be more effective and meet changing students’ needs.  The instructional staff is the head of the school and its capabilities must be developed, just as we expect to develop those of the students.  To achieve this, the plan should combine new instructional and organizational strategies with the appropriate use of technology.

Community and School District Demographics
Siren is a community of approximately 900 residents, which is located in the heart of Northwestern Wisconsin. The school district covers approximately 106 miles. The school building contains the PreK-5 elementary school, 6-8 middle school, and the 9-12 high school. During the 1999-2000 school year, 54,000 square feet were added to the building including 16 elementary classrooms, band and choir rooms, a kitchen, commons area, and a 400-seat auditorium. Other parts of the building were extensively renovated and every room now has data and phone jacks accessible in them. 
The district has an enrollment of 476 and the special programs that are offered are Early Childhood, SAGE, Title 1, and Community Education. Class sizes in grades K-3 are approximately 15 students per teacher. The district also offers interactive televised courses to the students and the community through distance learning and select courses are now offered online using Moodle. Assistive technology is available throughout the district for students with special needs.

The majority of the businesses in the area are service related and most are becoming more technologically advanced. Students who are entering the workforce in the area must have skills that they can use to fulfill these jobs that are available to them. This is especially true for those students who choose not to continue their education.
From our survey results the teachers in the district are utilizing technology in their classrooms in a variety of ways. Our staff is still a mix of varying capabilities in integrating technology into the curriculum. The staff is interested in pursuing additional training in the use of technology to enhance curriculum.

District Vision Statement

 Educate, Inspire, Empower!!!

    "Siren School District will produce successful students through collaborative partnerships with families, community members and staff while being fiscally innovative. Students will embrace diversity, feel empowered and be inspired to become citizens with integrity." 

District Technology Vision Statement
  • All students will have opportunities to reach their intellectual potential. They will have access to the resources, materials, and tools that equip students for 21st Century Skills.
  • Staff will have access to and use contemporary technologies that support effective instruction and assessment to enhance the learning experiences of all students.
  • In collaboration with parents, community and businesses, the Siren school district will foster partnerships that utilize technology in support of lifelong learning.
Overview of the Planning Process
The Siren School District has an ongoing Integrating Technology Committee with representatives from the School Board, Administration, Teachers, and Community Members. During the school year the committee meets on a monthly basis. The committee attended a planning workshop together at CESA#11 and has also taken special work days to research and update the technology plan. The committee will continue to meet throughout the school year to continue assessing our progress and updating our goals.
          Additional Demographic Data is currently available from WINSS at or the DPI website: which may be useful in setting the context.

School District of Siren -- Last updated on:1/15/15