The Hyper-X is a patented super-fast and energy efficient dryer, it combines heat and compression to accelerate the water evaporation during the drying process, thus resulting in approximately 35% of energy savings compared to conventional thermal dryers.

A continuous and evenly distributed wet substance fed between a belt and a hot drum; When the wet substance comes into contact with the hot surface, it rapidly evaporates the water from the wet substance. The belt allows vapor to escape from the drying substance, leaving the dried product retained in between the belt and drum. The dried product which is normally in “flake” form is scraped and discharged from the dryer.

Energy Efficient

  • Saving approximately 35% more energy compared to conventional thermal dryers

Short Processing Time

  • less than 12 mins
  • Single-pass operation that avoid back mixing of dried product with the wet feed


  • LNG / LPG / Biogas / Biomass / Electric / Diesel

Small footprint

  • Compact - low infrastructure cost
  • Less auxiliary equipment - low transportation & handling cost, easy to setup

Modular design

  • Make your expansion plan effortless in future
  • Hassle-free fitting into your current production line

Simple operation

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Fully automated user friendly interactive touchscreen


We value safety as much as you do, the dryer is well ventilated and insulated for a safe working environment

Making use of Exhaust Vapor

Nothing has been wasted, the high vapor concentration optimizes heat recovery


Wide Application

  • Treats almost all kinds of organic sludge
  • Converts food waste into biomass, fertilizer, animal feed
  • Accepts wet substances with wide range of moisture content, 10% - 40% dry solids
  • Delivers partial and fully dried product ranging from 35 % dry solids to more than 90 % dry solids

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