We live in an age where faith in God is dwindling, concerns for neighbour is vanishing and trust in the family and the community is breaking. Therefore, it was thought necessary to have worshipping facilities near the place of our residence. Members of the Mar Thoma community living in north London collectively and democratically decided to form a new parish with the guidance form the Diocesan Episcopa. When we fulfilled the necessary requirement according to the constitution of the Mar Thoma Church, Metropolitan, The Most Revd Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, and the Episcopal Synod granted permission for the Sinai Mar Thoma Church North London. The name given to this parish by our Metropolitan is a constant reminder to us that we are a diaspora community, a journeying people, and a people on pilgrimage.

The parish became a reality on 15th April 2010 and the Most Revd Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma conducted a thanksgiving and dedication service on 18th April 2010. The Revd V. G. Geevarghese has been appointed as the vicar of this parish in Harrow from 1st May 2010.