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MSP430 LaunchPad Projects

I've been spending more time on the MSP430G series value line chips recently, mainly because of the better cost / performance ratio and easy access (being dip packaged)

[Dec 29, 2015] Breadboard Audio Spectrum Analyzer published
[Sep 18, 2014]  M-Clock Build published
[July 1, 2014]  TMS0803/5 Emulating Calculator Build published
[July 5, 2013]  Compact Audio Spectrum Analyzer published
[June 21, 2013] 8 bit FFT Spectrum Analyzer project published
[Dec 9, 2012] EZ430Trainer project published
[Oct 16, 2012] 3p4w clock now supports 20 pin devices, more accurate w/ 32Khz crystal
[Dec 1, 2011] bad apple project published
[Dec 19, 2010] ezprobe project published
[Nov 27, 2010] 3p4w clock upgraded to w/ rtc chip, now with calendar

TMS0803/5 Calculator Emulator

 bad apple machine    
Breadboard Audio Spectrum Analyser