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Proposal Forms

This page was made concise to excess forms of all lines of insurance distributed under SPA and associate's flagship to eased customers/ client when applying online insurance. 

User can compare product feature from the same categories by sorting criteria below under the heading of Products, Classes, Online Forms, Principals, Product literature, Policy Wordings and other to open multiple file for comparison and decision making from there.

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ProductsClassesOnline FormsPrincipalProduct LiteraturePolicy WordingsMarket ValuationWindscreen Value
ProductsClassesOnline FormsPrincipalProduct LiteraturePolicy WordingsMarket ValuationWindscreen Value
All Risk - Equipment/ Machinery Property  All Risk Proposal Form LPIMB All Risk Introduction    
Public Liability Liability 1st Principal_PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE PROPROSAL FORM ASIMB Public Liability Insurance 1st Principal Public & Product Liability Policy Wordings   
Public Liability Liability  General Definition Common Law Definition in Chinese(Wikipedia)    
Public Liability Liability  General Definition Public liability Definition in Chinese (Wikipedia)    
Office Comprehensive Cover Property  OFFICE GUARD Proposal Form Tender - 3 Quotation at least Under Construction    
Public Liability Liability  General Definition Duty of care definition(Wikipedia)    
Commercial Comprehensive Cover Property  2nd Principal -SBS -Proposal Form LPIMB Smart Business Solution     
Public Liability Liability  General Definition Public Liability Definition (Wikipedia)    
Travel Insurance Accidental and Health Call Simon Poon at 0162348808 ASIMB SPA Travel Plus  Travel Plus Policy Terms and Conditions    
Contractor Insurance Property  Contractor / Erection All Risk Proposal Form Tender - 3 Quotation at least Contractor / Erection All Risk Introduction    
Auto Assist and Personal Accident Accidental and Health Enhanced Road Warrior Proposal Form AGICMB Enhanced Road Warrior Enhanced Road Warrior Policy Wordings   
Voluntary Employee Benefits Accidental and Health Voluntary PA and Critical Illness Benefits Proposal Form ASIMB Employees Benefits -Voluntary Scheme Introduction    
Auto Assist and Personal Accident Accidental and Health Road Warrior Proposal Form AGICMB Road Warrior Brochures Road Warrior Policy Wordings   
Automobile Insurance Automobile and Liability  AGICMB AGICMB PRIVATE MOTOR FEATURE & BENEFITS  AGICMB SNIK ONLINE MARKET VALUATION AGICMB - Auto Windscreen Valuation Guide 
Commercial Vehicle Insurance Automobile and Liability Motor All in One Proposal Form KIMB Insurance for Commercial Vehicles Intro Commercial Vehicle - KIMB Policy Wordings    
Automobile Insurance Automobile and Liability KIMB Motor Insurance All in one proposal form KIMB KIMB Motor Insurance - Features,Benefits  KIMB Motor Insurance Policy Wordings   
Disability Insurance Disability and Critical Illness In Hospital Disability Income Proposer Form ASIMB Hospi Aid Intro and Scope of Cover In Hospital Aid Wordings for Terms And Conditions   
Employer's liability Accidental and Health 2nd principal - Employers Liability LPIMB Employer Liability - Project    
Fire and Perils Only Property  Fire and Perils Insurance Proposal Form ASIMB Fire Insurance and Perils Intro and Scope of Coverage Fire and Perils policy wordings   
Health Cover - Group 5-100 Accidental and Health All Care Medical Proposal Form AGICMB All Care SMI Medical Introduction All Care Policy Wordings   
Health Cover - Individual Accidental and Health Lonpac Care Plus Proposal Form LPIMB Lonpac Care Plus Lonpac Care Plus - Policy Wordings   
Personal Accident - Individual Accidental and Health  AGICMB Allianz Shield -never leave home withour it Allianz Shield Policy Wordings   
Home Insurance Property  Home Owner and Content Proposal Form ASIMB Home Owner and Content - Scope of Coverage Home Owner and Content Wordings   
Product Liability Liability Product Liability Proposal Form ASIMB Product Liability Introduction    
Public Liability Liability  KIMB     
Retail Comprehensive Risk Property  Retail Guard Proposal Form ASIMB Retail Guard Introduction and Scope of Coverage SPA ACE RETAIL GUARD - POLICY WORDINGS   
Travel Insurance Accidental and Health  ASIMB Travel Mate Intro and Scope of Coverage    
Contractor Insurance Liability SINGLE CONTRACT C.G.L.PROPOSAL FORM  Tender - 3 Quotation at least Comprehensive General Liability Introduction    
Comprehensive General Liability Liability Annual C.G.L.Proposal Tender - 3 Quotation at least Comprehensive General Liability Introduction    
Comprehensive General Liability Liability Comprehensive General Liability - Broad Cverage ASIMB Comprehensive General Liability Policy April 2005 ACE Malaysia CGL Insurance-PolicyWording   
Personal Accident - Individual Accidental and Health 2nd Principal Family Protector - proposal Form LPIMB LPI_FamilyPro_Cover-Brochure    
All Risk - Equipment/ Machinery Accidental and Health Flexi Care Proposal Form LPIMB 2nd principal-Flexi Care    
Health Cover - Individual Accidental and Health AllianzCare - Proposal Form AGICMB Health - Allianz Care- Individual Allianz Care product literature Allianz Care Panel Hospital  
Disability Insurance Accidental and Health ACE CritiCash -Prop Form- Policy Wordings ASIMB 36 Critical Illness - Illustrations ACE CritiCash -Prop Form- Policy Wordings   
Personal Accident - Individual Accidental and Health Kurnia-PERFECT 10 PA Proposal Form KIMB Kurnia - Perfect10 PA Perfect10 - Policy Wordings KURNIA_NOMINATION FORM_NON MUSLIM  
Personal Accident - Individual Accidental and Health Star Personal Accident - Proposal Form KIMB Star Personal Accident Insurance  Nomination Form  
Golfer's Insurance Accidental and Health  KIMB Golfer's Insurance  Nomination Form  
Personal Accident - Individual Accidental and Health "NUR" PELAN - Proposal Form KIMB "NUR" PELAN PERLINDUNGAN WANITA    
Goods In Transit Marine and Transit 2nd principal - Goods In Transit - Proposal form LPIMB Goods In Transit - 2nd Principal policy Wordings - Goods In Transit - 2nd Principal   
Goods In Transit Marine and Transit 3rd Principal -Proposal form-Goods In Transit KIMB Goods In Transit - 3rd Principal PRODUCT DISCLOSURE SHEET GOODS IN TRANSIT INSURANCE   
Bond Guarantees/ Bonds 2nd Principal - Bond Forms LPIMB 2nd principal - Bond 2nd principal - Contract Guarantee P Form   
Contractor Insurance Property  3rd Principal -P form-Contractor All Risks KIMB 3rd Principal Project EAR/CAR 3rd Principal_Con. All Risks- Product-Disclosure-Sheet   
Travel Insurance Accidental and Health  KIMB Kurnia Care Travel Insurance  Kurnia Care Travel - Excess Table  
Marine Cargo Marine and Transit Marine Cargo Proposal/ Quotation Request Tender - 3 Quotation at least Marine - SPA Ace Cargo Advantage     
Apartment & Condominium Risk Property  Property Plus Proposal Form ASIMB 2009093_Property Plus_Agency_Presentation    
Apartment & Condominium Risk Accidental and Health ace jerneh_property oneflexi_condominiums_pform. ASIMB Condo, Apartment, Highrise Risk (共管式公寓,公寓及商业大厦保险)    
Public and Product Liability Liability Public and Product Liability - Proposal Form AJIB Public and Product Liability Introduction Public and Product Liability Policy Wordings   
Automobile Insurance Automobile and Liability ACE MotorGuard - Proposal Form AJIB ACE MotorGuard - Features & Benefits ACE MotorGuard - Policy Wordings   
Showing 49 items