This course presents a series of lectures by Dr. Michelle Putnam, an international scholar in the area of social welfare and disability policy and Professor in the Simmons College School of Social Work. The course, which was adapted from an online Master of Social Work (MSW) course, aims to enhance practicing social workers' knowledge and skills in social work policy practice. Based on the premise that knowledge of and engagement in policy practice are cornerstones of Social Work, this course introduces social workers to the policymaking and policy analysis processes. Current social policy issues are reviewed in depth. 

Course Format
Policy Practice for Social Workers includes six modules. A series of brief lectures presents the topic for each module, followed by a short quiz. Completing an entire module takes about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the module. Completing the entire course should take approximately four hours.

You will notice that the videos frequently refer to readings. The videos have been drawn from a larger course that did have required readings. There are no required readings for this course, but you can find references for recommended reading here.

In order to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), a module quiz must receive a passing grade of 80% correct or better. CEUs can be earned for passing each module; a learner need not pass all modules in order to earn CEUs. Passing all modules is worth 4 CEUs.