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  • Sparkfun Spartan3 Board has Python script for programming.  That script is a command-line way to automate the Xilinx tools (vs using a GUI)
  • xilprg looks compilable for the Mac
  • Icarus verilog
  • Xilinx ISE webpack is available for free, but runs only on Windows and Linux.  It's necessary to create whatever files are needed by xilprg.  The sparkfun script seems to presuppose the xilinx binaries.
  • Which Linux to run?  Xilinx supports RHEL and Suse Enterprise.  There appear to be some issues with compatibility with Ubuntu, and some posts recommend against OpenSUSE due to complication(?).  Centos, on the other hand, seems to be free RHEL.
  • Maybe I can get Xilinx 9.2i, which works on Solaris.
  • Linux Journal article -- FPGA Design on Linux