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I want to create a CPU.  Something simple (details to follow), but I have some firm ideas:
  • MIPS or SPARC-inspired ISA
  • big endian
I don't want to build it (at least not the first one) in Verilog.  Ideally I'd like to build it with 7400-series chips, but that might be difficult/expensive.  So I'd like to start with the next best thing -- a schematic that gets magically translated behind the scenes to <mumble>, and from there to an FPGA or similar.  I'd like to use my Mac to do most of the design.
It's not clear to me how to use gschem to lay out the gates for programming the FPGA.  It wants me to lay out real 7400-series chips, which I guess is ok, but not entirely what I wanted to do.  Hmm.