I'm a writer from Canada. I have had several children's articles, poems and stories published, and a few adult stories and poems.

I'm married with three kids and a dog. In August 2013, we had a house fire. We got to live at the beach for awhile, which was fine in the summer and fall, but when you live in the Maritimes, spending the winter in a cottage at the beach is less than desirable. But we're back now, in the same place with a new house, a new dog, and two new cockatiels.

For years I moderated a writers' critique group called "The Writers' Pen", and before that another writer and I ran an MSN group for children's writers. After the fire, I took a break (the effects of fire are far-reaching) but eventually I got back into writing. Sadly, the Pen exists no more, but I can sometimes be found posting in the Silver Pen forum - 
Silver Pen.  My accepted submissions can be found in the links to the left.

At one time I wrote as a columnist for Silver Pen, but now my work occasionally shows up on the blog, "Write Well, Write to Well", found here: Write Well
I'm also the Fiction Editor for Youth Imagination, found here: Youth Imagination. It originally was Kids'Magination, but it grew up. LOL