Welcome to SBA's Math Pages!  Mathematics is the language of science.  God's creation is evidence of His power and His very existence!  (See Psalm 19:1 and Romans 1:20) We are blessed that He has given us the attribute of curiosity and inquiry, for He has so ordered His creation that we can discover, predict, define, and to some extent understand, the logical and ordered behavior of physical and chemical processes!  Without mathematics, none of these would be possible.  

Whether we are measuring carpet to go around a 45 degree angled corner or predicting planetary motion, math is a part of the process!  Let your imagination fly and think of math as an adventure in scientific language allowing us to understand God's awesome gifts...it WILL be worth the journey!

The link to "Our Teachers" will give you access to pages for each teacher and their course pages.  Please keep in mind that this is still a "work in progress" as teachers and administrators incorporate web-based information flow into their courses. Please feel free to email us with suggestions or concerns.

We are glad you are partnering with us to make SBA a great place to learn and enjoy God's gifts!

Robert Hetrick, Department Head

Our Philosophy and Direction

SBA's goal in the Math Department is to pursue excellence at all grade levels.  In this age of expanding technology, we make use of iPads, ibooks, Smartboards, the internet, and laptop computers linked to online resources and courses. We are excited about how these resources can bring math to life beyond equations and problems on a textbook page.

However, when it comes to calculators, we are a bit "retro."  Calculators are not used as part of classroom instruction through the lower grades and into middle school.   They are introduced sparingly in Algebra 1.    As students move from Algebra 1 to Geometry and beyond, calculators become powerful tools to enhance the learning experience and depth of analytical capability, but their use as a "crutch" for doing basic math is discouraged .  By the time students complete algebra 1, they have build a solid "mental base" of ba
sic arithmetic skills and algebraic analysis that will stay with them.  We believe that these basic skills help students develop logic and critical thinking skills.  It is interesting to note that the developers of the "Common Core" have picked up on this need for more fundamental understanding, and many college math courses are now being taught with limited use of calculators. SBA offers The following Math courses:
  • Elementary Grades K--5 use primarily Bob Jones (BJU) curriculum with workbooks and supplements
  • Middle School Grades 6--8 use McGraw-Hill/Glencoe Connects Series that includes Pre-algebra for seventh grade honors and eighth grade pre-algebra. Honors students in eighth grade may take Algebra 1.
  • High school:  Algebra 1,  Algebra 2, Geometry,  Advanced Integrated Math (AIM), Pre-calculus, Statistics, and in association with Lee University, DE College Algebra, DE CollegeTrigonometry, and DE Statistics.

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