Mr. O's Home away from home--Room 22, aka "The Cage 2.2"

Welcome to SBA's Math Pages!  Mathematics is the language of science.  God's creation is evidence of His power and His very existence!  (See Psalm 19:1 and Romans 1:20) We are blessed that He has given us the attribute of curiosity and inquiry, for He has so ordered His creation that we can discover, predict, define, and to some extent understand, the logical and ordered behavior of physical and chemical processes!  Without mathematics, none of these would be possible.  

Whether we are measuring carpet to go around a 45 degree angled corner or predicting planetary motion, math is a part of the process!  Let your imagination fly and think of math as an adventure in scientific language allowing us to understand God's awesome WILL be worth the journey!

In addition to Mr. Overman, our HS and MS math teachers include some stellar talent, with accumulated teaching experience of over 60 years!  They are:  

Mr. Jonathan Adcock, ACT PrepHonors GeometryStatistics, and Advanced Integrated Math  

Mr. Slater Belew, ACT Prep, Personal Finance and Business

Mr. Victor UnderwoodGeometry, Precalculus and Honors Algebra 2

Mrs. Karen Lutz, Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1

Mrs. Cheryl Hall, Math Connect 2 and Math Connect 3 (Pre-algebra) [8th Grade math and pre-algebra]

Mrs. Terran Standifer, Math Connect 1 and Math Connect 2 (Sixth Grade)

Math Department Announcements and Items of interest for 2017-2018

August 9, 2017:  Big Changes for SBA (again)

First:  We welcome Mr. Robert Hetrick to our Math Department.  Robert comes to us from Ridgeland High School in Georgia where he taught  honors math and coached Cross-country.  He lives in Chattanooga with his wife, Sara. He has two children, and fosters two more.  We are so blessed to have him at Silverdale!  He will be teaching Honors Geometry and Advanced Integrated Math (AIM) to our seniors.

Second:  2017-2018 is the first school year after we introduced our summer "Math Mastery" initiative to help students get a head start on skills necessary for their math classes in middle and high school..

Third:  Our Dual Enrollment program this year has been expanded again to include Calculus I through Lee University, a 200 level course to better prepare our students for advanced math in college.  Other DE Math classes are: DE College Algebra for Calculus, DE College Trigonometry, and DE Statistics.

Fourth:  These pages in Google Sites will be used to give overviews and summaries of unit plans and goals.  Specific daily lesson plans and assignments for students are posted on Google Classroom pages for each class..

SBA's main math page is HERE: ÅΩ