Preschool Communication Channels

SBA has, as one of our core principals, the partnership with parents in the development of the students in our school community. 
 In order to best serve students and parents, we have developed several channels of communication to
 clearly and concisely provide information and dialogue with parents.

SBA Websites
        - Public Site (
    • Audience: General public and prospective students
    • Content: Public announcements, school stats and some event schedules
        - Parent Portal ( or link here from the Public Site
    • Audience: Current Preschool parents
    • Content: The Silver Lining Newsletter, technical information specifically for parents and contact information to communicate with administration and teachers.

Other SBA Communication Channels
        - Email: All staff have email addresses that follow a pattern.
                        School wide reminders and important notifications are sent primarily by email.
        - Phone: All staff have voicemail boxes which connect to their email accounts.
        - Postal Mail: SBA critical and official information.
        - Social Media: Pictures, breaking news, and details concerning SBA Events will be available at:
        - Facebook:
        - Twitter: