Our chief desire is to guide and assist students in developing their foreign language skills for the purpose of preparing them to serve the church and society by encouraging clear and constructive understanding in the language they choose to study. In so doing, our desire is increase their understanding and empathy for people and cultures and prayerfully help guide them to be worthy representatives of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

As a means to this end, we want the students to develop an awareness of the form and function of the Latin and Spanish languages in general. Our goal in teaching is to help them understand, read and speak the language while grasping grammar concepts and develop writing skills.

Through exposure of the the Latin and Romance languages and cultures, we pray they will have their eyes, hearts and minds opened to the needs of the people groups that our students may have contact with. We desire that as a result of their language studies, they would want to converse and share the gospel with an attitude of respect and awareness.