Elementary JTerm 2020

JTerm has become a tradition that our children and families look forward to every year. During JTerm, we take time out of each year to explore new things, cultivate new talents and venture into the unknown, all while enjoying fellowship with classmates. As we continue to grow and our students develop in this age of experiential learning and technology, teachers strive to find fun and innovative ways to engage your students….JTerm is one of these ways! 


What is JTerm?

Three days in January (“J” Term) where students participate in various learning activities through on-campus activities, as well as one adventure off-campus.  Families may also choose to plan educational activities off campus during this time, and as a result, your child would not attend school during JTerm.  The trip/activities must be pre-approved by the administration ahead of time.

When is JTerm?

January 8th - 10th  

Where is JTerm?

Elementary students will be on-campus for JTerm, unless your family decided to take an educational trip together.

Is JTerm required?

Yes, students must either come to school during JTerm or be on a planned family enrichment trip with you.  If they are not going on an enrichment trip with your family, your online registration is due by December 6th.

What are some ideas for an educational family trip I could do with my family instead of my child attending school during JTerm?

Here are some ideas families have come up with in years past:

  • Visit historical places surrounding the Chattanooga area

  • Birmingham Space Center

  • Arizona (Grand Canyon)

  • Smoky Mountains National Park

  • Museums

Is there a cost?

If your child attends school during JTerm, the cost is $20.00.  This fee covers supplies and activities for your child.

What’s Next?

Register now below! Use your existing ACTIVE account from Back-to-School Registration. No new setup required. (Everyone should respond by December 6th)

No refunds given after December 13th


Questions or need to update your family enrichment plan after you have already submitted a response? Contact: Barbara Lamb at blamb@silverdaleba.org